Monday 17 June 2024


 We have both sorts of weather in Wellington NZ - Before and After!

Saturday 15 June 2024


It wasn't until I tried looking at my Facebook feed on my tablet that I realised just what a bunch of crap most people see when they look at Facebook. And that wasn't even using the mobile version! I never look at the internet using a phone but apparently 98% of Facebook users are doing just that.

STEP 1 - Use a computer or laptop, not a mobile phone or tablet.

Usually I look at Facebook on my PC or laptop, either using Windows 7 (Yes I still use Windows 7, but this will work on Win 10 as well) or Linux (I use Linux Zorin or Mint but this would be the same on any distro). It won't work on Android, and I don't know about Apple or Windows 11 because I've never used them.

STEP 2 - Add the Facebook Purity app (aka Fluff Busting Purity or FBP) to your browser - (this doesn't override Facebook's default settings as fully as it used to, and won't lock FB into a chronological feed anymore, but never mind, see step 3). This can get rid of a lot of crap. I go into settings and hide all the right and left sidebar links as well as turning off pretty much everything.

STEP 3 - Get a chronological feed - This is the most essential thing to do with Facebook really, otherwise it is unusable. It's pretty easy to do, but you sometimes have to reset it because FB keeps trying to force your feed back to their controlled algorithm. 

Click on the nine little dots icon in the top right to open the Menu, then select "Feeds"

 STEP 4 - Use a good browser. It's all quite beyond me how this stuff works, but oddly I find Firefox is hopeless for viewing Facebook, while the Firefox fork Waterfox works best. Vivaldi or Brave both work OK as well. (I never use Chrome because I think it sucks, so I'm not sure how well that runs with FB)

For use on Windows or Linux I highly recommend the Waterfox browser. It's not widely used, but it's really good browser - like a faster version of Firefox with better privacy.

STEP 5 - Ad Blockers. I always use five ad blockers which is probably complete overkill, but they all seem to get along happily together so why not? I'm not really using them for Facebook in particular, they are there to block all advertising. It's probably not really possible to block all the advertising on FB, but I certainly see a lot less "sponsored posts" on my computer than on my tablet. Sometimes I go to the trouble of blocking particular advertisers, but mostly I just ignore them.

The five free ad blockers I use are Adblock Plus, Adblocker for YouTube, Adblocker Ultimate, AdGuard Adblocker, and uBlock Origin

I don't know which of these ad blockers is best so I just install all five of them - when it comes to ads I figure more blocking is better! This review on Techradar ranks uBlock Origin as #1 so I gave it a picture.

THE FINAL SOLUTION - Delete all the numpties. Find like minded friends, and bin any woketards. The days of signing up for Facebook using your real name and linking up with all your relatives and old friends is really over in this day and age in my opinion. I know a lot of people are still into that, but if you have been trying expose the globalist narratives, you probably have learned the shortcomings of that approach over the past five years in particular.

If you exclusively stick to being friends with people who can tell the difference between shit and chewed dates, a FB feed can be surprisingly good. Personally, I have given up arguing with anyone online, and just let any remaining tards of any kind block or unfriend me.

Friday 14 June 2024



For most of my life, I’ve been saying things like “everything you believe is complete bollocks”, and I’ve gotten kind of used to being one of the only ones saying it.

So this flat earth story is a new experience and I am quite enjoying it. As a child I traveled with my parents on a trip around the globe, I remember looking down out of the plane window as we passed over oceans and ice. And we traveled between places that wouldn’t have worked out so well if the earth was a flat disc.


As a teenager one of the things I studied at university was Geography – admittedly, like all university subjects it glossed over a few things, such as the fact that oil is not actually a fossil fuel, but is abiotic, but that will have to be another post! –


One of the areas that we mostly did cover pretty well in Geography was the physical structure of the planet. There are said to be many millions of planets and one thing they all have in common is that they are all spheres. They are not flat discs like dinner plates.

download (1).png

There is also another theory that the moon is actually a hollow alien made construct like a death-star. Some people say that idea is bollocks, and I agree, but compared to the flat earth story it sounds pretty reasonable.

There is a story that back in the 60’s the Americans sent men to the moon, and that is complete bollocks too, but many people seem to believe it. Not as many believe it in Russia, but it is still a very popular story in America.

A lot of people flying around the globe in planes have taken photos, and what the photos seem to show is a spherical planet just like all of the others. 

Admittedly the photos may all be fake, but at this point they seem more realistic than the pictures of a blue and green dinner plate with all the oceans pouring of the edge like a waterfall (or not, as the artist may choose).


When I said "the artist", the artist I really meant was David Dees (not Prince). I am a big fan of his work and it was mainly him that originally brought the flat earth con to my attention. Because he was right into it.


While I think David Dees was perceptive, open-minded, and the real deal, as well as being one of my favourite artists, I think in this case he was unfortunately doing work for the very people he was usually exposing, so what is the real purpose of this flat earth story? Basically to undermine the credibility of a bunch of other conspiracy theories, which unlike the fake mainstream news are actually the true bits.

This “religious” site is a good example, because along with a bunch of crap about flat earth, they also talk about the moon landing being fake – how better to undermine the credibility of  any questions to the official party line than by linking flat earth theory to fake moon landing?


This pattern of connecting the truth to utter crap has long been one of the favourite tactics of mind control organizations like the CIA.


For once I find myself in full agreement with the majority opinion about something (although I suspect many sheeple may disagree with me about the moon landing being fake), but what the hell, I’m quite enjoying being a conservative, mainstream, old fart on the flat earth issue.


So in summary, what I’m saying here is that BOTH the moon landing and flat earth are total bollocks…



Facebook has been around since early 2004, and recently turned 20. Despite what they might try to make out, it's reasonably well known that it was set up by the deep state for social programing purposes and Mark Zuckerburg is just an actor playing a role. In reality he is as clueless about what he's supposed to be doing as Elon Musk or Joe Biden.

The platform has a long history of trying to censor and control content, and I'm often asked why I would bother posting on a deep state controlled platform that is attempting to program everyone's minds.

Two big plus factors for me are that it's the biggest social media platform by miles, with three billion active users, and I also think it's the best designed all round social media platform - it's really well sorted. 

YouTube is ranked at #2 but it's not actually a social media platform - it's a heavily censored collection of videos with the vast majority of the traffic and comments being very obviously done by AI. Facebook also owns WhatsApp,  Instagram, and a bunch of other platforms..

Admittedly very few of those three billion users are using it on their computers like I am. Something like 98% of Facebook users are viewing it on a mobile phone, so they are seeing a controlled algorithm feed, with all the ads. I'm viewing it on my PC or laptop and seeing a chronological feed with a lot less "sponsored posts". In fact the feed I'm seeing is a surprisingly full on and mostly uncensored exposure of the deep state narrative.

 The majority of Facebook users are apparently Indians using mobile phones, but that is another thing about FB - it's like a vast ocean and you can pretty much stick to your own area, never knowing the rest even exists.

 I don't think I've ever interacted with an Indian on a mobile phone, but who knows, it's possible half my FB friends are actually Indian tech contractors employed by the CIA and pretending to be conspiracy theorists.


Thursday 13 June 2024


 This may not be an effective tactic at all, but it amuses me so I'm going to keep on doing it anyway whether it works or not.

I like playing around with found images, making them into art and memes, as well as editing my own photos and art. So I end up with hundreds of images that mostly end up sitting unseen in folders on my computer.

If I sign them with a whopping great "" URL they become digital billboards for my blog. It's likely very few people will notice them, let alone go to the trouble of typing out the address and actually visiting the blog, but too bad, I think blog posts look better with more images.

They are fairly varied images, but to keep a consistent style I'm doing them all in a 1x1 ratio which I just like the look of.

Wednesday 12 June 2024


 911 is old news that has been done to death, but just to reiterate, there are always plenty of clues when the deep state are planning a psyop.


The Lone Gunmen first TV episode aired on March 4, 2001. Its title was Pilot. In the show, a computer hacker takes control of a Boeing 727 passenger plane and flies it towards the World Trade Center, with the specific intention of crashing the plane into one of the Twin Towers. It’s only at the very last moment that the Lone Gunmen are able to hack the hacker and avert disaster and death for those aboard the plane and those inside the World Trade Center.

The plot is all the work of a powerful, rogue group buried deep within the world of officialdom. The secret plan, had it worked, was to put the blame for the World Trade Center attacks on one or more foreign dictators who are “begging to be smart-bombed”

The Lone Gunmen was produced by Arnon Milchan, a dual citizen Israeli-American Mossad agent. Milchan also produced The Medusa Touch (1976), which had as its climactic scene an airline flying to a skyscraper. He also produced Fight Club (1999), which had as its final scene the controlled demolition of multiple financial corporation's skyscrapers.


Yesterday I finally got my main Facebook account (Greg Anderson) up over 1000 friends!

They all appear to be down the rabbit hole to some extent, and I'm pretty certain there are no pro vaxers in there

I want to see if we can start better using the deep state's own platforms to undermine their agendas, and a good tactic is to get big groups of like minded people sharing content and making it go "viral"


Tuesday 11 June 2024


As we are now being bombarded with a never ending stream of misinformation, almost nothing we are told by the mainstream or the "alternative" media is true, and we need to rapidly adapt in order to outwit the deep state and their attempts to program us. When they make mistakes we can pounce upon those mistakes and use them to our advantage.

A big mistake they are making right now is attempting to roll out AI as fast as they can, when AI is actually pretty hopeless and by no means up to the job. 

On a platform like YouTube, Google is using AI to create hundreds of millions of fake views, to write millions of comments that are endlessly recycling the previous comments, to promote any videos that push their agendas, and even to create and narrate increasingly crappy videos.

Many people are not consciously aware of any of this, but an increasing number of us can see it a mile away. On a platform like Facebook, the CIA is attempting to run all the censorship using AI and again, it is not up to the job. They are failing to block all the non approved content, so they are trying to bury it with mountains of AI created fake content.

The opportunity to post information exposing the deep state agendas and to mock their short comings on Facebook, the most deep state controlled of all the social media platforms, has never been greater.

And that is because the deep state are LAZY, GREEDY, PSYCHOPATHS who want to use AI to control us. But their AI sucks. That is another reason we can beat them.


Monday 10 June 2024


This is a desktop wallpaper image of Paris - I wonder if many people notice the chemtrails? Probably not, most normies wouldn't notice if the deep state stuck a needle in them and injected them with poison. Oh yeah...