Saturday 17 February 2024


 Baldwin Street, Dunedin is said to be the steepest street in the world - it probably isn't, but it is the steepest street in NZ and nearly 20 years ago I walked up it and took some photos. It's pretty cool, with stairs for footpaths!


PS. It turns out Baldwin St really is he steepest street in the world - some cheeky punks in Wales tried to steal our record but they got slammed!

In the historic town of Harlech, Wales, a steep road briefly held a Guinness World Record. Ffordd Pen Llech held the title of World's Steepest Street in 2019 before being stripped of this claim, the title returning to Baldwin Street in New Zealand after only a year.

In the Guinness World Record survey committee's first analysis, this street was said to have a gradient of 37.45%.3 However, upon review a year later at the request of Baldwin Street representatives, the guidelines of this world record were rewritten to require measurement to be taken from the middle of the road rather than the outside, and Ffordd Pen Llech was given a new official gradient of 28.6%


Thursday 15 February 2024


I used to get really pissed off with Facebook but then I thought, OK it's a controlled platform, but it works better than any other social media platform, what can I do on it? - So I learned how to spell like a retyred and take more care about what images I posted, and I've been having a good time for the past four months. It's the only social media I'm still using this year which saves time too!


Tuesday 6 February 2024



Has Jeff Berwick has swapped over to AI this week? I know he's a shill but I've been watching him for years because he's entertaining sometimes - but this doesn't look right to me, it all looks totally fake...


Monday 5 February 2024



In the blink of an eye a meme can transmit about as much information as the viewer is ready to absorb without taking hours to write like a full length blog post does, and there is no danger of boring anyone's legs off.