Friday 28 July 2023



Jessica Simpson needed some new garbage cans. But instead of ordering top-of-the-line name-brand trash receptacles, she headed to a HomeGoods discount store in June to hunt for a bargain, she confesses in a new interview. In the same sit-down, she also admits it “might be the last time” she’ll be wearing her gold rings and bracelets — “because I might have to sell them.”

Yes, Jessica — who once ran a billion-dollar empire — is down and out. “She’s feeling a major financial crunch, which is a huge 180 from her old life, where finances were never a concern and she bought the best of everything,” a source tells In Touch. But over the past couple of years, a run of bad luck involving her company’s management forced the actress and former reality star, 43, to go into massive debt and make “big lifestyle changes.”