Saturday 17 February 2024


 Baldwin Street, Dunedin is said to be the steepest street in the world - it probably isn't, but it is the steepest street in NZ and nearly 20 years ago I walked up it and took some photos. It's pretty cool, with stairs for footpaths!


PS. It turns out Baldwin St really is he steepest street in the world - some cheeky punks in Wales tried to steal our record but they got slammed!

In the historic town of Harlech, Wales, a steep road briefly held a Guinness World Record. Ffordd Pen Llech held the title of World's Steepest Street in 2019 before being stripped of this claim, the title returning to Baldwin Street in New Zealand after only a year.

In the Guinness World Record survey committee's first analysis, this street was said to have a gradient of 37.45%.3 However, upon review a year later at the request of Baldwin Street representatives, the guidelines of this world record were rewritten to require measurement to be taken from the middle of the road rather than the outside, and Ffordd Pen Llech was given a new official gradient of 28.6%


Thursday 15 February 2024


I used to get really pissed off with Facebook but then I thought, OK it's a controlled platform, but it works better than any other social media platform, what can I do on it? - So I learned how to spell like a retyred and take more care about what images I posted, and I've been having a good time for the past four months. It's the only social media I'm still using this year which saves time too!


Tuesday 6 February 2024



Has Jeff Berwick has swapped over to AI this week? I know he's a shill but I've been watching him for years because he's entertaining sometimes - but this doesn't look right to me, it all looks totally fake...


Monday 5 February 2024



In the blink of an eye a meme can transmit about as much information as the viewer is ready to absorb without taking hours to write like a full length blog post does, and there is no danger of boring anyone's legs off. 


Thursday 25 January 2024


Neither of these guys is coming to save you. And the numpty on the right is more dangerous than it looks... Watch out for strange looking ginge numpties America! 

Monday 22 January 2024


 For anyone who wants to keep up to date with how the weather is being geoengineered in New Zealand, I highly recommend the Facebook group Geoengineering Watch NZ - every day there are photos being posted from all around New Zealand showing the man made skies. 

Now that the powers that shouldn't be have carried out phase one of the covidiot hoax, I think their next plan is to rack up the "glob@l w@rming" scam and try to use that to continue bringing in even more oppressive measures. But more people are gradually waking up to what is going on, and just because "they" have a plan doesn't mean they will succeed.
We have a plan as well, there are more of us, and we are not all just a bunch of degenerate inbred psychopath perverts like "they" are!

 This picture taken in Christchurch on Friday is my favorite recent post on GWNZ:


Saturday 20 January 2024


I must admit I miss posting jabcinda pictures!

When things gets hot in the kitchen it starts to melt

Back when New Zealand was still governed by the horse faced tranny I used to regularly celebrate our glorious leader with respectful pictures!

It’s good friend Killary Klinton fully approves

When it lies it’s teeth grow even bigger

It’s not just a tranny, it’s a transhumanist tranny

Someone is about to smear it’s face with faeces, and it may cry

The original Terminator movie was a big inspiration to it

Give it two microphones, it wants to spout more lies

Stay focused on it’s ugly face – that’s where the lies come out

The blood of the people of New Zealand are all over this traitors hands


Tuesday 16 January 2024


Wellington's newest and most environmentally friendly apartment complex is now being completed - secure your own minimalist micro home today - self contained apartments from just $420,000. Deposits are now being accepted, act now to avoid missing out. 

Saturday 13 January 2024


This is HIS happy day and HE deserves the best weather, so all geoengineering has been temporally halted over the Hastings region, and the skies there this weekend are clear blue with not a chemtrail or HAARP cloud pattern to be seen. The skies over the rest of the country on the other hand are looking totally FUCKED UP today.

"WOMAN" - LOL... Part horse, part man, all globalist, that is not a woman... And unless we expose, mock, & take down traitors like this creature, they will keep on destroying our country so their globalists banker overlords can buy it up cheap.

Enjoy a guaranteed clear sunny day at the protest!

Friday 12 January 2024


And this is why Wellington, New Zealand's most LIBTARD city, has been brought to it's knees by "bike lanes". While hundreds of cars are grid locked and dozens of business are closing down because their customers can't park, every 10 minutes a self righteous whale on a bike rides past, gloriously saving the planet from geoengineered "climate change". Even NORMIES are starting to get really pissed off now.

Thursday 11 January 2024


THE WHEELS ARE FALLING OFF MANY STORIES, and as more of us are realising that pretty much everything we have been told is part of an ever accelerating false official narrative that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years, more and more new topics are becoming sucked into the vortex of subjects now open for discussion. Having been looking into into "conspiracy theories" for many years I tend to forget what a buzz it is watching a brand new pile of bollocks imploding.

Only a few days ago I had never really given much thought to how much jet fuel commercial airliners actually use. But then some greentards started going on about Boeing 747's using 300000 liters of fuel per flight, and I thought "hang on a minute, how much would that weigh, and where on earth would they put it?"

It was no problem to find some figures online (although these do all seem to vary a bit depending on which website they are from):

A Boeing 747-400 (a popular large passenger plane for 30 years from 1990 to 2020) has an empty weight of 181,000 kg and a maximum takeoff weight of 397,000 kg. (an Airbus A380 is even bigger)

Jet fuel weighs 0.8kg per liter.

A 747-400's fuel capacity is 216,840 liters (so not really 300,000) which would weigh  216,840 x 0.8 = 173,472 kg

The combined empty weight plus fuel would come to 181,000 + 173,472 = 354,472 kg

But that is without any passengers, crew, or cargo. A 747-400 holds between 416 to 524 passengers, and typically has around 20 crew members (this varies by airline, many have more)

A typical average passenger weight including carry-on luggage is 84 kg, so with 416 passengers that would come to 416 x 84 = 34944 kg

So with no crew, and no cargo, just the weight of the bare plane plus fuel and passengers, weighs 389,416 kg - THAT IS ALREADY CLOSE TO THE MAXIMUM TAKE OFF WEIGHT OF 397,000 kg

Now let's estimate the crew members are slightly lighter than the passengers, averaging 75 kg each including their carry on bags, and with no heavy extra luggage, so they would only add another 20 x 75 = 1500 kg

But then we get to cargo - each of those 416 passengers has luggage which averages (depending on who is weighing it) around 15 - 20 kg per passenger, so it's at least 416 x 15 = 6240 kg

Now we are up to Plane 181,000 kg + Fuel 173,472 kg + Passengers 34944 kg + Crew 1500 kg + Luggage 6240 kg = 397,156 kg


What is going on here?

These short videos are entertaining intros to the rabbit hole of how jet engines really work

I have no idea what is "true" here, but there are a bunch of suspicious red flags about fuel usage, including the way the engines are mounted forward of the wings, and the fact that the wings on crashed airliners are often intact.

eg. This is a picture of the wreckage of Nigeria Airways Flight 2120, which crashed July, 1991 on its way from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Sokoto, Nigeria. 

Is something strange going on here?

Wednesday 10 January 2024


For the past few years I’ve been saying that Bill Hicks faked his death from cancer and took on one of his stage personas – he called that person “Alex Jones”

Let’s face it, all the evidence in the world won’t swing the opinion of someone who doesn’t want to see the obvious. We can see that now with the coronahoax.

But just to revisit happier times when we weren’t all looking down the barrel of an Orwellian police state, back when we were researching conspiracies for light hearted fun, rather than having life and death battles with mind controlled cult members, I’ll dig up some old Bill Hicks is Alex Jones infowarp.

To begin with Alex and Bill look almost exactly alike and their facial recognition matches 100%, only it appears Alex has had a nose job, a face-lift and gotten considerably fatter than Bill ever was. Alex definitely dyes his hair, they have two identical moles on the right side of their necks, and even their teeth are a perfect match. They are both famous funny Texans who constantly talk about conspiracy subjects, and they are both very quick to frustration and anger, Alex being well-known for his screaming rants and Bill known for shouting down his audiences and even naming an album “Rant in E Minor.”


Bill wasn’t born in Texas but moved there as a teenager and always idolized cowboys and the Texan spirit. Bill allegedly died of cancer in 1994 but he had no public funeral; Alex came on the scene shortly after Bill’s passing and has no verifiable history before 1994. Alex claims to have gone to Anderson high school but when people call up, Anderson says they have no record of him.


Bill Hicks’ best friend, camera man and producer, co-creator of Sacred Cow productions, was Kevin Booth. Shortly after Bill’s passing, Kevin became Alex Jones’ good friend, camera-man and producer! Bill, Alex, and Kevin were all 3 very outspoken and involved with the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian debacle and there exists video of Kevin and Bill in 1993 outside the Davidian house before the final conflict but no video of Alex. However, a year or two later after Bill’s passing, Kevin was out there again, this time with Alex filming a Waco documentary and rebuilding the Waco church! You can also see here at a Bill Hicks’ 10th Anniversary event, Kevin Booth gets on stage, shows a Hicks’ documentary then says with a smirk, “maybe in some way Bill Hicks is still here with us now” and presents a framed plaque with Bill’s portrait to none other than Alex Jones! WTF!?


Alex claims to be only 39 years old right now, though even after all the plastic surgery, he still looks considerably older. If he was really Bill Hicks then Alex would be 53 now which is closer to Alex’s apparent age. Bill Hicks was also a long-time cigarette smoker and Alex claims to have fought a life-long battle with cigarette addiction himself. Their names even follow the same 4-letter 5-letter pattern, Bill/Alex Hicks/Jones.


Director Richard Linklater was a big fan of Bill Hicks and lamented never being able to work with him, then later Linklater launched Alex Jones’ film career giving him roles in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. Bill was well-respected in the comedy community and today Alex is good friends with famous comedians like Joe Rogan and Charlie Sheen. Bill was also a big fan of Andy Kaufman, the comedian who would go to great lengths to disguise himself and create separate personas, much like it seems Bill is doing with this “Alex” character.


Yes, Alex Jones is Bill Hicks…








I used to think lots of people knew that the most annoying man on the internet is a zionist shill.

But no, despite the glaring evidence that he is working for the very same zionists who own youtube, by just giving the irritating prick a bit of censorship and he became an oppressed people’s hero.

Along with Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), False Flag, and Play Both Sides, another favourite tactic of zionists is The Streisand Effect.


From another of the zionists own websites – Wikipedia – “The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet”

And holy cow, do the evil fuckers know how to milk that one for all it’s worth…

Censoring alex jones will give him a bunch of cred, make him a popular hero, and give some new “alternative” video channel (also to be owned by the zionists) a huge boost.

Wake up sheeple this is what they do every time-BECAUSE IT WORKS!
From alex jones to “president” chump to ted talks to most of the “alt” media including wikileaks – the zionists win this shit over and over using the same bunch of tricks.


There are people presenting real alt news online, but not many people seem to discuss it, because they have been distracted by popular puppets like alex the shill jones. The controlled opposition directs the flow of both mainstream and “alternative” discussion.

So just to make this clear – what I’m saying here is that alex jones is a zionist shill, and his act is yet another con.