Wednesday 15 November 2023


Many years ago one of my friends decided to top himself with a drug overdose at the ripe old age of 23

After his funeral I rode my mountain bike up to the top of a local hill and sat looking out over the view. Strangely a voice in my head seemed to say "don't worry about it, there's no point worrying about anything - what is done is done"

I felt like a huge burden had just been lifted and his death had one good side effect. Downhill racing was a new sport back then but I was fully into it, so I let rip, with no worries whatsoever and had a very fast clean run back down the hill.

Later on when I first started blogging on the Steemit blockchain, I did a post about not worrying. It was probably one of my better posts, but it only got six votes and earned me zero cents. From that point every time I heard anyone bleating about how shit their payout was, I just thought "don't worry about it"

I guess, if we are lucky, one day we arrive at a point when we realise a lot of our friends are long gone, as our many of our heroes. Or maybe most of them...

And these days if I find myself living with a daily dose of pain from all the injuries I wasn't worried about getting back then, there is no point worrying about that either. I know what the alternative is...

Something I never usually do is mention personal stuff online, like voices in my head. But a voice in my head just said "post this and don't worry about any of that New World Order shit - you are not here to worry"