Sunday 17 September 2023


 With New Zealand's next SELECTION coming up next month, like many people I was looking around for any alternatives to the globalist puppet parties (Punch & Judy) who will be selected to continue carrying out the commands of their globalist masters, who are aiming to destroy our economy and entire society so they can buy it up dirt cheap.

Like a lot of my friends I had recently started wondering if Liz Gunn (NZ Loyal) might be a genuine alternative. She seemed to be saying some good things. BUT she had just popped up out of nowhere at the last minute, and was effectively splitting the non-globalist vote. That is a tactic controlled opposition often do, particularly in Europe, so that made her actions suspicious.

She is ex-mainstream media and has left a trail of interviews behind her. Seeing just part of this one was the final straw for me. It is sickening - here she was interviewing Helen Clarke's ex bendover boy Max Harris and she gushes all over this creepy little turd for TWO HOURS! 

In the hierarchy of globalist scum they don't come much lower than this maggot, so there is really no excuse for this performance. All my doubts about Liz Gunn have now gone after seeing this interview (& there are quite a few other similar ones) - sadly, she looks 100% fake to me.

This may well be a harsh response and I was asked if I plan to share Liz Gunn's response to this video. Here it is:

My response to her response: She is good at covering herself, very pro, but really, she was nearly slobbing on Max Harris's knob (if he has one) and saying she used to be ignorant doesn't cover that appalling level of ignorance. That is not really all that long ago and many of us fully knew this stuff. It shows no foresight at all. Helen Clark is scum and that was obvious right from the start. I'm not certain if she is a tranny but I am certain she works for the most evil fuckers on the planet and that was her personal gimp Liz Gunn was gushing on. Claiming ignorance is a real stretch there.

Yes we all have a past - but personally I knew full well the UN was pure evil 20+ years ago, and I knew about covid/corona/faking the flu as a pandemic back when it was called other names like Sars back in 2015 - that is really entry level stuff. If Liz Gunn didn't know that stuff it's a red flag.

I really want Liz Gunn to be genuine, she seems likeable alongside all the complete turds in politics, but so far, applying the same sort of questions I apply to anything, she is coming up short, and at this point her likely effect on the outcome of the next Selection appears likely to be unhelpful.

At this point I'm tossing up between voting for Winnie or not voting at all. Truth is I don't think it will make much difference, but Winnie has such a massive ego that he may refuse to play to the script, and so might weaken the puppet government's position. That might be good, but even that is a difficult guess given that the globalists WANT NZ to collapse, and that might help that aim.