Saturday 2 March 2024


Long live the next deep state controlled "alternative" social media platform.

I used to use the Gab platform to find memes, but it was never any good for much else, and I had long given up on it. There was very little interaction, the platform never worked well, and most of the content was moronic Americentric posts going on about their clown show politics, with endless memes about puppets like Donald Chump or Joe Bidet.

Gab had long been in decline but it really went downhill rapidly in 2023 - I had a quick look today and as of March it is all over. There are no good memes on there any more. The owner of Gab started charging membership fees to post images from March 1st and that really was the final straw for Gab.

🔥 "$19.50 for a 12-month subscription! 🔥 Your paid sub gets you full access to my content archives, commenting on all articles, all paid posts, my weekly Goody Bag (the best stuff I’ve read that week), and other goodies I might add later"
Gab was once considered to be a free speech alternative to sites like Twitter and Facebook. When it first launched, it had an idealistic glow about it, as people thought it might become a viable community that could challenge the censored sites. But the glow wore off quickly, and Gab has been in a downward spiral for years. Recent events have made it clear that the final end of the site is near.
Andrew Torba, the owner of Gab, announced that a pro membership would be required to post images on the site. That came after the end of Gab TV and other initiatives that didn’t generate significant revenue for Torba. The announcement about the image posting indicates severe financial problems for Gab.
I predict this could well be another boost for Facebook, where the memes are now getting better by the day and with some creative spelling, pretty much any content can be zipped under the radar of their AI censorship.