Saturday 9 March 2024

The ongoing struggle of waking up

 With a lot of "conspiracy' stuff I have no problem seeing the scam - Many of them are very obvious, along the lines of "Yes, of course injecting yourself with toxins will have bad results"

But some of the music and popular culture stuff is more difficult. While it's obvious that most of the talentless woketard tossers making the lame music of the past decade are mind controlled deep state assets, I really struggle with applying the same reasoning to all the coolest music from 50 years ago. Yeah, the Beatles do look like a Tavistock creation to me, but what about Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon"?


 Sometimes I listen to that album and it just blows my doors off. It's  brilliant. Could the deep state really create that? I don't think they could. So what was going on. Some questions like that do throw me...