Tuesday 28 November 2023


My friends often ask if I think there is any good info being posted online. Given that most of the alt media is just as fake as the mainstream media, I have to say "not much". But there is the odd bit of good info out there. I think a lot of the best info & research online is coming from Miles Mathis.

His website is pretty damn ugly, but he has a lot of good essays stashed away in there.

He may be some sort of psyop, but he puts out so much good information it's beyond me how it could be helping the new world order

Apart from one possible thing - once you start reading his essays you might stop believing pretty much everything, and that may be the intention, but most of what he writes is exceptionally well researched

For example, he doesn't even usually do food, but then he knocks off an essay like this & it's pretty good! - http://mileswmathis.com/lax.pdf

If you are older, you may not realize that all the ingredient lists of your old favorites have changed. For instance, they used to make everythingwith butter or lard (or at least Crisco, I am reminded), but nothing on the shelf is made with butter orlard anymore. They have replaced Crisco with things even worse: genetically modified junk oils likesoybean, canola, or palm. Crisco was hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which was admittedly awful, but atleast it wasn't genetically modified. The only way they could get worse than Crisco was to geneticallymodify it and use soybean oil, which they now do. They prefer soybean oil since they know it helpsturn you into a trannie: one of their favorite projects for decades, just now coming out into the open. Ifyou are a guy and you want man boobs, eats lots of things made with soybean oil. Which wouldinclude a lot of the things you get at restaurants. Most restaurants use these cheap GMO oils, even the expensive ones

And he did Donald Trump back in 2016 when the numpty was elected - http://mileswmathis.com/trump.pdf

He is an actor on the stage they have prepared. The entire election is a big stage play, as fake as a Shakespeare production, but not as well written or acted. The office of the President is now fake, played by a bad actor or the idiot sonof some billionaire. He does nothing but read from Teleprompters, scripted by guys behind thecurtains. Trump is sold to you as some sort of financial genius, but like George Bush before him (thegreat decider) he couldn't decide what to order for lunch without a cue from a Teleprompter or one ofhis other gadgets. If you can't see through all these people, you really need to check your prescriptions.