Sunday 24 September 2023


While it's blatantly obvious to anyone who is not mind programed that the mainstream media is wall to wall bollocks, a lot of more thoughtful people seem to believe most of what is promoted by the "alt-media"


But with their classic play both sides tactics the deep state/zionists/jewish elite/ globalists/freemasons/satanists/illuminati/woketards/etc (select evil scum of choice) are also controlling almost all of the "alt-media". So it's not really alternative at all, it's mainly just an endless sea of fudporn (Fudporn = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt programing).

Key glove puppets in the alt media clown show range from the blatantly obvious shills like Alex Jones and Russell Brand, who both redefine FAF (Fake As Fuck) to reasonably credible looking presenters like David Icke or Max Igan who don't really start to fall to bits until you start digging.


Are there any real "conspiracy" researchers? Maybe a few, but they are not easy to find. Miles Mathis does some really interesting work, most of which I've read, and he is certainly not sticking to the approved narratives, nor is he producing much fudporn - on the contrary, he usually concludes everything was faked, so well worth a look.


Claiming that there will be a massive world changing event on a certain date is a long held tradition of the "alt media". There are several really juicy dates, such as September 11 and September 23. I might be jumping the gun here saying that Sep 23 this year is another non event (yet again), but here in New Zealand (first country to see the new light) it's already half way through Sept 24 and nothing really happened. Although I guess there is still a few hours left in Alaska so almost enough time to start WW3.


Something to keep in mind is that we are told that the shit is going to hit the fan on Sept 23 EVERY FRIGGING YEAR... It's true these dates constantly feature in Hollywood movies and American music videos, but as with anything, we need to ask "WHY ARE BEING REPEATEDLY GIVEN THIS INFORMATION?" Always remember that Fudporn is another key tactic of mind programing, and that being BOLD, CERTAIN & CONFIDENT is what "they" fear.