Saturday 30 September 2023


 We all tend to think we understand what is going on, and all the people who are levels behind ourselves in this multi level learning game are retarded. Which they are. But each time we move up a level, our old self was also retarded, compared with our present self. And hopefully that process will keep on repeating.

The past three years have been a real eye opener for me, as they have for many people. It's long been my hobby to post things online. (25 years this month, as I posted my first website in October 1998). It was once possible to earn an some income from blogging, but if you want to post content that is not deep state approved propaganda, it's far harder now than it ever was in the past. Over the past five years the annual hits on my WordPress blog have dropped from 4 million to 40k - a 99% drop!


The blockchain platforms I used to earn some income from, have completely turned to shit, with key insider accounts controlling the payouts on the few platforms that remain. And it's safe to say if you were calling out the covidhoax and the death jabs back in 2020, you are not on the insiders reward list. In fact I'm still black listed on several platforms, including Hive where everything I post is automatically down voted.

From 2016 to 2021 I actually did make money online, some from posting, but mostly from buying and selling blockchain tokens. But those are both dead ends now, so it's safe to say I'm not doing it to earn money anymore. In fact I've lost business, and made enemies by being fairly outspoken online, particularly over the past five years. And posting stuff always takes time. Financially I would probably be better off to just shut my face and act like a normie.


The next major reason was to "change the world". Despite being a cynical conspiracy theorist, I did set out with the hope that by posting content it would be possible to "wake up the sheeple". But this multi layered psyop we are all part of is a real mind fuck. If the sheeple haven't woken up by now, my little blog posts are not likely to change much.

My best advice at this point, is if you want to move up a level, go to the website of Miles Mathis and read his essays. Yes, there are hundreds of them - read at least a dozen. By that point you will be well past not just most of what I'm posting, but most of the entire internet. But that is very unlikely to be the final stage of knowledge - it never is! As I kept reading, and thinking about all the new information I was learning, it dawned on me that there is no way one person could do all that research and write all those essays. So "Miles Mathis" would need to be an entire team. And then it all gets very suspect. As it always does.

What comes next I don't know, that is as far as I've got. The world will continue to change with or without any input from me. So changing the world might be an exciting idea in theory, but in practice I'm sort of beginning to understand why all those zen guru teachers say you can only change yourself.


Yes, this is probably the only one that really stacks up. The best way to get my head around something is to present it to others. And I prefer to do that in the form of a blog post. The combination of condensing ideas down to simple and easy to understand lines of text, combined with images, forces me to make my thoughts clearer. If that helps anyone else, that is a bonus. So that is the main reason I'm still posting stuff, and most definitely the reason for this post.


Along with #3 just having fun strikes me as a really good thing to do online, and I am aiming to do this too, alongside making some good notes. If I can manage to do both that would be great. But it probably requires totally letting go of any ambitions to achieve #1 or #2. I'm still gradually letting go of all that outdated get rich and change the world crap!