Saturday 13 April 2024


 There I was looking at the TAGS on this blog and got a nasty surprise when I saw that there were 33 TRANNY tags. That's getting a bit too masonic for comfort, so I'd better knock out a quick new tranny post & make it 34!

The whole tranny thing is a giant psyop and like most psyops one of the goals is to create confusion and uncertainty. While there are certainly some screamingly obvious men in drag like "Michelle Obama", most of them are much harder to spot. 

One of the tactics that has been widely used for over 50 years is to find people who's gender is dubious, and actively promote them. They are made famous BECAUSE their gender is pretty vague, and this is then enhanced to the nth degree.

In pop music this practice goes back over 50 years, and the Tavistock Institute has always been a hotbed of transgenderism. David Bowie is a prime example:

 Despite having just posted a checklist a few days ago of how to spot a tranny, the truth is I have no idea what sex David Bowie really was/is (his death is also said to have been faked), and like many celebs it's really hard to tell.

You’ve got your mother in a whirl
’cause she’s not sure if you’re a boy or girl.

And maybe that is the main reason they became celebs in the first place. But for the record, yes I really do think Taylor Swift is a biological male.