Tuesday 2 April 2024


In an attempt to explain the many levels of "conspiracy" research I often used to use the analogy of multiplayer online games - there are lots of levels, which ever one you get to there are more above it, and if you do ever get to the top one, another one will rapidly be created above it.

But then I had the thought, online games games have only been around for about 25 years, while "conspiracies" go back hundreds of years. And that is when I started thinking about chess.

Fantasy Chess Digital Art by Bruce Rolff

It is said a chess grand master can anticipate all the possible moves up to seven levels ahead. Whoever is pulling the strings globally would need to be able to do that as well.

It wasn't a major jump to start wondering who all the chess grand masters actually are. And sure enough, no surprises here!

Beersheba in Israel is the city with the most chess grand masters per capita in the world

Bobby Fischer, the highest rated player in history when he became world champion in 1972, is believed to have had two Jewish parents, although Fischer himself was "antisemitic" and strongly denied having a Jewish identity.

Many others would also try to hide the fact so the actual numbers would be higher, but this is the official list of "Outstanding Jewish Chess Players" on Jewish owned Wikipedia:

 Outstanding Jewish Chess Players