Sunday 28 April 2024


At some point in the past few years, the penny dropped and I realised  Apple, Microsoft, and later, Google, were all set up by the deep state, they were never real businesses – we can use their tools, but they are all playing us.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both actors working for the CIA. Jobs faked his death and Gates was replaced around 2013. As was “Melinda” who is a very obvious tranny. “Bill” probably is as well – they appear to be inverts.

Linux – is there is something not right about the development and marketing of Linux? – by keeping it hard to use and underground for decades it has never posed a real threat to the deep state operating systems. It slowly improves, but is never really sorted out for mass use. Maybe it’s always been too controlled by geeks, but some distros, like Mint, are so close to being suited to mass use, I always wonder what is holding everything back? Has the deep state infiltrated Linux development too and deliberately held it back?

All those Windows software updates are not just for copying our data, one day all of those programs could “unexpectedly” create irritating and time consuming problems in unison – mass distraction at a key moment, and those trojans are being constantly set up.

Logging us out of accounts and demanding that we SUBMIT (rather than just logging back in) is obvious mind programming. Any site that does that has revealed it’s true intentions. Pay attention to these little signs!

Another trick is spell checkers. Making spell checkers only work properly in US English has forced us to use US spelling – more programming. But it’s not just our computers that are trying to control us, nearly everything on the internet is a distraction, whether intentional or not, and social media is almost all just there to distract us – that is a major part of how we are being controlled.

Microsoft crossed the line after Win 7 – Microsoft is all spyware but I don’t ever want to use Win 10 on, not even for day to day use and certainly not for anything to do with cryptos. What I’m using on my computers these days is both Windows 7 and Linux Mint 20, but I’m gradually moving more to Linux and less Windows. I’m not a tech geek and having used Windows 98, XP, and 7, for quarter of a century, I do find it a stretch fully escaping the clutches of Microscum, mainly because of things like changing from Photoshop to Gimp.

Mint is a decent operating system though, and Gimp is pretty good too. It wasn’t a good situation being locked into old software. Photoshop CS6 (2012) was the last version that you can use without having to rent it off Adobe for a monthly fee, which I would never do, so I was using an 11 year old program that I would never update. Same with Windows 7 (2009).