Monday 18 September 2023


That was a question I was just asked on another platform. To tell the truth I have accounts on most of them but would rather just post here on Blogger with the comments turned off because social media platforms seem to be mainly places to interact with AI or retards and I can't be arsed.

But I've been keeping more of an eye on things lately as all sorts of bullshit is going on in New Zealand. There is another fake election next month, where a new globalist puppet government will be selected, although there do seem to be some signs that more people are slowly waking up with movements like Voices For Freedom (VFF) growing.

I'm not a fan of Facebook, but have to admit that it's where the action is, and it's the most popular platform by a country mile. But I'm having another two week break from looking at it because it's certainly not a healthy place to dwell!

This is my current FB account (I have four because they used to be constantly getting suspended)