Saturday 23 September 2023


Although this post is directed at New Zealanders it applies to pretty much all "democracies" 


Why your vote in next months NZ selections in meaningless.

If you think your ‘vote’ matters, you are kidding yourself. Voting is not what you think it is...
Did you know, that the organisation that claims it is an elected body, representing the people, known as the Government of New Zealand is an incorporated company? With ministers being the shareholders/Directors?
Did you know that politicians are ‘appointed’ to office?
Did you know, that within corporations, only shareholders get to vote, not the stock?
Did you know that by giving your vote (voice) you give them power of attorney to do whatever they want on your behalf?
Did you know that under the laws of war they are an occupying force?
Did you know that by identifying as one of theirs you lose all your inalienable rights?
Did you know that entities claiming to be governments with jurisdiction over you and me, are liars. Flat out liars, thieves and fraudsters?
Did you know you can claim back your power of attorney and inalienable rights?