Sunday 30 July 2023


It’s very clear that for at least the past 20 years Hollywood has completely given up on the idea of providing entertainment or even of making profits, and just wants to shove WOKE propaganda down the throats of the masses. 

But what if a part of that programming, dating back well over 50 years, has been to get everyone used to looking at TRANNIES by constantly idolizing and normalizing men dressed up as women? As if…

Is there anything odd about these actresses as they age? I know some people will just say “They have just had bad plastic surgery because of patriarchal oppression forcing them to conform to societies unrealistic expectations” to which I would say “Bollocks, wake up, they look like aging men in drag”




Saturday 29 July 2023


 Back in 2020  remember thinking to myself "surely this moronic covid psyop won't last much longer than a year". Well I was wrong wasn't I?

Friday 28 July 2023



Jessica Simpson needed some new garbage cans. But instead of ordering top-of-the-line name-brand trash receptacles, she headed to a HomeGoods discount store in June to hunt for a bargain, she confesses in a new interview. In the same sit-down, she also admits it “might be the last time” she’ll be wearing her gold rings and bracelets — “because I might have to sell them.”

Yes, Jessica — who once ran a billion-dollar empire — is down and out. “She’s feeling a major financial crunch, which is a huge 180 from her old life, where finances were never a concern and she bought the best of everything,” a source tells In Touch. But over the past couple of years, a run of bad luck involving her company’s management forced the actress and former reality star, 43, to go into massive debt and make “big lifestyle changes.”





Thursday 27 July 2023

Are we really outnumbered?

While trying to find the correct spelling for the word “usable” (able to be used) I read on an American website that “there are more people using American English than British English” – bollocks I thought, as the word INDIA repeated over and over in my mind…

So just how does the use of American English really compare to British English? Here are some rough figures:

People speaking variations of British English

Indian English (125 million)*
United Kingdom English (67 million)
Australian English (26 million)
New Zealand English (5 million)
Irish English (5 million)
Singapore English (2 million)**

Total – 230 million

*India is the most populous country at 1.43 billion people (yes, slightly ahead of China as of 2023) but it’s hard to estimate how many Indians have some degree of English literacy – 125 million is considered conservative.  **Same with Singapore (population 6 million) – estimate 2 million have some degree of English literacy


People speaking variations of American English

US English (335 million – just the US population alone)

If we also include Canadian English (38 million) that increases the lead even further. Damn I always hate admitting Americans are right, but they got me there!

Other large countries I haven’t taken into account here include Malaysia (British English) and the Philippines (American English)


And how is usable spelt? – either usable or useable are both correct! (the spell checkers are wrong!)

And now I’ll make up for my anguish by including a few American memes!