Sunday 24 March 2024



"Nobody can tell you who authorizes it because this information is kept secret and classified. Even doing an official information act request will not disclose this information as it is above govt pay grade. We have already tried. It can be kept classified as concerning "national security".
From all indications it is administered by US Military or US secret agencies. Also a considerable amount of weather modification (for NZ) appears to be done from off the coast of Queensland over the Tasman Sea. There is a joint Singapore/Australian military base in Rockhampton that had a $2 billion injection and it appears that may be responsible for this off coast weather modification. 
Over the years methods have changed and now I suspect the use of drones for a lot of it. The "cloud" then drifts down on airflows from there to NZ and is manipulated into location as and when required for the "desired effect" using EMF. The Nexrad radars, installed in Metservice locations around the country, may have some part in this EMF, albeit being operated remotely using back-engineering"
Nigel Antony Gray