Tuesday 11 June 2024


As we are now being bombarded with a never ending stream of misinformation, almost nothing we are told by the mainstream or the "alternative" media is true, and we need to rapidly adapt in order to outwit the deep state and their attempts to program us. When they make mistakes we can pounce upon those mistakes and use them to our advantage.

A big mistake they are making right now is attempting to roll out AI as fast as they can, when AI is actually pretty hopeless and by no means up to the job. 

On a platform like YouTube, Google is using AI to create hundreds of millions of fake views, to write millions of comments that are endlessly recycling the previous comments, to promote any videos that push their agendas, and even to create and narrate increasingly crappy videos.

Many people are not consciously aware of any of this, but an increasing number of us can see it a mile away. On a platform like Facebook, the CIA is attempting to run all the censorship using AI and again, it is not up to the job. They are failing to block all the non approved content, so they are trying to bury it with mountains of AI created fake content.

The opportunity to post information exposing the deep state agendas and to mock their short comings on Facebook, the most deep state controlled of all the social media platforms, has never been greater.

And that is because the deep state are LAZY, GREEDY, PSYCHOPATHS who want to use AI to control us. But their AI sucks. That is another reason we can beat them.