Saturday 8 June 2024

Why is Greg Anderson still on Facebook?

Who on earth is Greg Anderson and why is he still on Facebook? - As recently as 2023 I was regularly using five social media platforms, (Facebook, Twitter, Hive, Blurt, & Bastyon), but like any addiction, I wasn’t exactly happy about it, so I finally gave up the lot, and went cold turkey for one month. At the end of the month I was only too pleased to have seen the arse end of four of them, but surprisingly, (and yes, I know it’s the most deep state platform of the lot), the only one I missed was Facebook.

I am a real person, but I update my online identities more often than Firefox changes versions, so I have to use a spreadsheet to remember them all. What I’m looking for on FB is interesting content from like minded people. If you have also come to the conclusion that nearly everything we have been programmed to believe is a lie, then we may be on the same page.
I live in Wellington, New Zealand, which I suspect is one of the most libtard cities in the entire world, and have offended more people online over the past two decades than I can shake a stick at. If you are a sensitive petal we are probably not on the same page. But I don’t take all this stuff super seriously on FB, and am more likely to briefly mock earnest woketards than engage in long winded disagreements with them.