Friday 10 May 2024


Anne's Archive is an amazing resource with over 31 million free ebooks online. It is described as the largest truly open library in human history. All their code and data are completely open source, and the way the site is set up pretty much side steps all issues of copyright (they are only sharing download links rather than the books themselves).

It has 31,603,758 books, and 99,900,496 papers in the database, all available to download. These include a lot of conspiracy books, some of which are heavily censored and hard to find.

I have been asked how it all works so here are some basic instructions showing how to download eBooks:

First go to the Anna's Archive website and enter the author or title you are looking for in the search box -

The results of your search will rapidly appear - now if you want to filter by format tick PDF & EPUB in the file types on the left

After you select the book you want, click on one of the two "slow download" options - If you are new to the site you won't be a paid subscriber but these will still both work fine. Don't get carried away, you can only do about two downloads at a time from each one of the options.
There are daily limits on how many books you can download, I'm not sure what they are, (maybe 10?) because I'm not the only one downloading books on one internet connection. But when you do too many  downloads the site stops working. Leave it a a day and try again. Anne's Archive is certainly not the only site to find eBooks, just the easiest on to use. This website describes a bunch of other ebook download alternative sites

Next, remember to hit the "Download now" link to start the book downloading

Save your eBooks in a folder (don't change or rename this folder once you start using them on your eBook reader or your books will disappear from the reader & you will have to add them again) - I edit the names of the new books before adding them to my eBook reader because the file names of eBooks downloaded through Anne's Archive tend to be very long.

On my Windows PC I use Calibre eBook reader which can be downloaded here

I was trying to keep things simple for people new to eBooks and tested some other more basic eBook readers such as Ice Cream reader, but I prefer having all the features of Calibre (which is free anyway) - it's slightly more complex at first but it does everything I want.

For reading books on an Android tablet or phone I use the Read Era app which is really good. It's not set up for all the more complex text editing stuff that Calibre can do, but is great for displaying and reading your eBook collections. Although its not designed for PC use, it apparently can be installed on a windows PC - I'm about to try doing that and instructions for installing it on a Widows PC are here

Having access to 31 million eBooks is pretty amazing, and before you know it, you can have your own vast library.


Thursday 9 May 2024


 Sometimes it seems like every time someone disagrees with me, they call me a "flat earther". It must be a hard life as a flatard, constantly filled with peril. I would never mock them...

Wednesday 8 May 2024



After seven years of posting on blockchain platforms, I threw in the towel.  I started out on Steemit back in August 2016 after Jeff Berwick did a drunken rant saying Steemit and Bitcoin were the future.


For all his faults he was right about Bitcoin and I owe him one for that awesome tip! I went on to do very well on BTC (twice). But I lost interest in Steemit after learning more about it's origins, and also seeing how things played out on that platform, but what the hell, it started me on an interesting path.

Was that a Freemason shirt Jeff?

A path of posting on Steemit, then Hive, then Flote, then Bastyon, and finally Blurt , but the same pattern always repeated - they all got gradually more boring until they disappeared up their own arses...

I have been using two main online identities for 25 years now - SIFT and FROT. But when the CIA were setting up Steemit in early 2016 they reserved almost all the best one syllable four letter names for themselves (although they missed FROT for some reason). So when I set up my first account, SIFT was gone and I already suspected that there was some sort of deep state Satanic psyop going on there, so I called my account SIFT666.


And that did help me take off on STEEMIT to some extent because there were quite a few whales who dug that Satanic stuff, and maybe thought I did too

At my SIFT666 Steemit peak (late 2016, early 2017) I had about 2000 followers, my posts were earning between US$5 and US$400 a pop, and they sometimes had more than 100 replies with all sorts of images and links. It was very entertaining at times!

But all good things must end, and Steemit totally imploded so I switched over to Hive, by then having a lot more inside knowledge, and bought up a large holding very cheap. Later I sold it before Hive also imploded up it's own arse, and soon after that I was blacklisted for posting anti "vax", and anti germ theory information at the start of the Covidhoax.


These days Steemit is a Chinese owned joke filled with Korean shitposts. If anyone is looking for Asian entertainment I recommend Ali Express where you can see stuff like 75 thousand listings for dildos all written in Chinglish.


Steemit is now a total waste of space where insiders fling money at their own alt accounts for posting pictures of the bowl of noodles they just ate... So it's an Asian version of Hive really!


HIVE still has the best front end of all time - PEAKD, which is brilliant, but the insider cabal, the corruption, the relentless downvoting and the censorship makes the platform an unusable lemon. I hope the insiders are proud of themselves, for destroying what could have been a great blogging platform.

FLOTE and BASTYON both followed slightly different downward trajectories, based more around bad decisions, bad design, lack of vision, and incompetence, rather than obvious corruption, but ultimately they too ended up as dead end platforms with no prospects.

Which finally brought me to BLURT. Why was I even considering posting on it at all? Because I started thinking it might be the only blockchain blogging platform with any chance of ever recovering. And even then only on the BLURTLATAM front end - 

But no, that went down the tubes as well. It's main strength was no downvoting, but that feature wasn't enough by itself, and Blurt tokens ended up worthless.

And that is why I gave up on blockchains.


First and foremost, I think the elephant in the room with all these blockchain platforms is that earning rewards from blogging just leads to endless suck whale dick for a dollar "safe posts". And along with that it leads to whales controlling the content by removing the rewards, and also to a bunch of tame insider puppets posting endless variations of the same posts to get their rewards.

I have since concluded that blogging is best done for my own entertainment, so these days I really don't expect to get rewarded for it, and I have the comments turned off, and try to ignore the lack of hits. 


Sunday 5 May 2024


 According to Wikipedia, a QUICKIE is sexual intercourse that a couple may engage in when the time available is minimal. The quickie may arise from a spontaneous sexual desire by the parties, or be a regular or planned arrangement.

 "Because of the limit on available time, foreplay would generally be skipped; the woman may not have enough time to lubricate naturally. In a planned encounter, the partners may dress in a manner that reduces the time needed for undressing. For example, the woman may wear a wide skirt or a front closing dress and open crotch lingerie, thongs to be pushed aside or no underwear, especially pantyhose. The man may dispense with a jacket and belt. A quickie between a heterosexual couple may generally satisfy only the man's sexual desire"
 But that is not what I'm talking about here on this blog. (I never realised Wikipedia were such a bunch of perverts)

  QUICKIE is also a designer and retailer of high end wheel chairs based in Phoenix, Arizona USA.
  But that is not what I'm talking about here on this post either.
 Collins Dictionary has the exact meaning I am looking for:
"A quickie is something that only takes a very short time"
 The reason I sometimes used it as a tag is because some of my posts are not really blog posts, they are just one or two pictures and a line or two of text. Anything tagged "quickie" is what is also sometimes known as a "shitpost" or a "tweet". It's something I just quickly threw out there because it caught my eye.

On the other hand this post has four images and several lines of text so it IS NOT A QUICKIE. But you would definitely need to get fully undressed to read this post...



Friday 3 May 2024



Surprisingly enough my Facebook feed has become a half decent source of memes and images this year. I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that back in 2016 when I quit using Facebook because of the relentless censorship. 

Yes I know it’s a Zionist owned mind programing site, but while all the blockchain sites I have tried over the past eight years, (Steemit, Hive, Flote, Blurt, Bastyon) have failed to become what was promised and are all ghost towns now, while Facebook has actually been increasingly active.


Facebook used to be a “social media” site where nearly everyone had only one account and used their real name. But over the past four years in particular, with the covidhoax and all the mind boggling bullshit that went hand in hand with that ongoing psyop, FB has become a site where many people have multiple accounts, not using their real names, and using creative spelling of key words to avoid getting censored or suspended by the AI, which is generally fairly predictable.


The problem with using your real name online is that as society has become increasingly divided, “friends” can become enemies, especially if they are the kind of people who believe the bullshit programming narrative, and you are the kind of person who has a mind of your own. But on the other hand if 100 people unfriend you and want nothing further to do with you, they can rapidly be replaced with 500 new people who are on a higher wavelength.

To get around the problem of being constantly suspended I set up multiple FB accounts and stopped using my original one years ago. Scrolling through my feeds I now have to admit that FB is displaying some of the best content I’m seeing on any platform.

I seldom post much in the way of longer writing on FB because I can’t be bothered changing the spelling (mainly just replacing “a” with “@” and “o” with “0” in any problem words which usually manages to confuse the AI). 

Facebook AI is surprisingly bad really, for example it totally freaks about any image with Hitler or anything resembling a Hitler mustache but doesn’t seem to be able to pick up an entire post exposing how to use the FB site to work against globalist interests. (Or are we played? – we certainly could be, this is a complex psyop!).

To test things out I did a June 2023 gallery with images from my FB timelines. Apart from the entertainment value another useful thing is that all of these images are ones that have remained uncensored on FB so they can be copied and pasted without triggering censorship or an account suspension. 

Since about March 2023 FB actually seems to have backed off on the censorship and I suspect that may be either because of the vast financial loses they are taking on their Meta balls up, or it might be in an effort to encourage greater more division of sheeple vs. thinkers (FB has always traditionally been a safe home for the sheeple).


Thursday 2 May 2024

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Are we really outnumbered?

While trying to find the correct spelling for the word “usable” (able to be used) I read on an American website that “there are more people using American English than British English” – bollocks I thought, as the word INDIA repeated over and over in my mind…

So just how does the use of American English really compare to British English? Here are some rough figures:

People speaking variations of British English

Indian English (125 million)*
United Kingdom English (67 million)
Australian English (26 million)
New Zealand English (5 million)
Irish English (5 million)
Singapore English (2 million)**

Total – 230 million

*India is the most populous country at 1.43 billion people (yes, slightly ahead of China as of 2024) but it’s hard to estimate how many Indians have some degree of English literacy – 125 million is considered conservative.  **Same with Singapore (population 6 million) – estimate 2 million have some degree of English literacy


People speaking variations of American English

US English (335 million – just the US population alone)

If we also include Canadian English (38 million) that increases the lead even further. Damn I always hate admitting Americans are right, but they got me there!

Other large countries I haven’t taken into account here include Malaysia (British English) and the Philippines (American English)


And how is usable spelt? – either usable or useable are both correct! (the spell checkers are wrong!)

And now I’ll make up for my anguish by including a few American memes!