Wednesday 20 December 2023


 As an example of just how confusing this entire deep state mindfuck can be, I’ll mention Miles Mathis. For the past few years I’ve been reading his essays – there are hundreds of them, and many are really interesting. At first I thought I’d found an amazing source of information, but gradually it dawned on me that it’s unlikely just one person could do all that research or write all those essays. 

Then I read this essay outing him as a Tavistock shill: An Open Letter to Miles Mathis. When I first read it, I thought it was long, sloppily written, and badly presented, and I wasn’t fully convinced. 

But in 2023 “Miles Mathis” did several papers about subjects I’ve done a lot of research on, and I could see straight away that they were deliberate distractions, filled with misinformation, and so the penny finally dropped. 

“Miles Mathis” does indeed appear to be an entire team of deep state contractors. The really tricky part is that about half of what they post does check out, and is often very revealing. But the other half sometimes doesn’t check out at all, and is often utter crap. Leading to the question WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY UP TO? 

Yet again I realise I’m not at the top of the information pecking order. As I eventually always seem to do…

“Miles Mathis” – his art sucks and his website is amateurish, disorganized and ugly, but for some reason I thought he was revealing deep state conspiracies that nobody else would touch.

What comes next I don’t know, that is about as far as I’ve got. The world will continue to change with or without any input from me. So while changing the world might be an exciting idea in theory, in practice I’m beginning to understand why all those zen guru teachers say you can only change yourself.