Monday 20 May 2024



The banking system is a scam.

Banking is based on lending money that doesn’t exist to people and businesses in return for interest. This creates enormous debt for governments, businesses and the general population, and bankers therefore gain control. Vital to this has been to allow bankers to lend money they do not have.

It works like this. If you or I have a million dollars, we can lend a million dollars. But if a bank has a million dollars it can lend ten times that and more, and charge interest on it. If even fraction of the people who theoretically have ‘money’ deposited in the banks went to remove it, the banks would close because they don’t have it. Money in the bank is a myth, a confidence trick.

When you go to a bank and ask for a loan, the bank does not hand over any actual money. It merely types the amount of the loan into your account. From that moment you start paying interest to the bank, on what is no more than figures typed on a screen. However, if you fail to pay back that non-existent loan, the bank can come along and quite legally take your wealth that does exist, your home, land, car, possessions, to the estimated value of whatever figure was typed onto that sceen.

More than that, because money is not brought into circulation by governments, but by private banks making loans to customers, the banks control how much money is in circulation. The more loans they choose to make, the more money is in circulation. The only difference between an economic boom (posperity) and an economic depression (poverty) is the amount of money in circulation. And, through this system, the private banks decide how much money will be in circulation.

They can create booms and busts at will. The same with the stock-markets where they are moving trillions of dollars a day around the financial and banking markets, so deciding if they go up or down, soar or crash. Stock-market crashes don‘t just happen, they are made to happen.

Most of the ‘money’ in circulation is not physical money cash and coins. It is represented as figures passing from one computer account to another electronically via money transfers, credit cards and cheque books. The more money, electronic otherwise, that is in circulation, the more economic activity can take place and therefore the more products are bought and sold, the more income people have and the more jobs that are available. A  re-occuring pattern has been to create a boom by making lots of loans and then pulling the plug.

Economists say that boom and bust is part of a natural ‘economic cycle’. But really it is systematic manipulation in order to steal wealth. Businesses and people borrow more, because they are confident about their economic future. Then, at the most opportune moment, the bankers raise interest rates to suppress the demand for loans, and. they begin to call in loans already outstanding. They ensure they make far fewer loans than before.

This has the affect of taking money out of circulation, which suppresses demand for products and leaves fewer jobs because there is not enough money in circulation to generate the necessary economic activity. So people and businesses can no longer earn enough to repay their loans and they go bankrupt.

The banks then take over the real wealth of their possessions in return for non-repayment of a debt that was never more than figures typed on a screen. This has been going on over thousands of years, and especially in the last few centuries, and much of the real wealth world has been sucked into the hands of those who control the banking system.

The same applies to countries. Instead of creating their own interest free money, governments borrow it from private banking cartels and pay back both the interest and the capital by taxing the people. Most of the money paid in taxes goes straight to the banks to pay back loans which the governments could create themselves interest-free.

What we call ‘privatisation’ is the selling off of state assets to stave off bankruptcy caused by the bank-created debt. Countries are handing over control of their land and resources to the international bankers because they cannot pay back the vast loans made, on purpose, by the banks to create this very situation.