Wednesday 8 May 2024



After seven years of posting on blockchain platforms, I threw in the towel.  I started out on Steemit back in August 2016 after Jeff Berwick did a drunken rant saying Steemit and Bitcoin were the future.


For all his faults he was right about Bitcoin and I owe him one for that awesome tip! I went on to do very well on BTC (twice). But I lost interest in Steemit after learning more about it's origins, and also seeing how things played out on that platform, but what the hell, it started me on an interesting path.

Was that a Freemason shirt Jeff?

A path of posting on Steemit, then Hive, then Flote, then Bastyon, and finally Blurt , but the same pattern always repeated - they all got gradually more boring until they disappeared up their own arses...

I have been using two main online identities for 25 years now - SIFT and FROT. But when the CIA were setting up Steemit in early 2016 they reserved almost all the best one syllable four letter names for themselves (although they missed FROT for some reason). So when I set up my first account, SIFT was gone and I already suspected that there was some sort of deep state Satanic psyop going on there, so I called my account SIFT666.


And that did help me take off on STEEMIT to some extent because there were quite a few whales who dug that Satanic stuff, and maybe thought I did too

At my SIFT666 Steemit peak (late 2016, early 2017) I had about 2000 followers, my posts were earning between US$5 and US$400 a pop, and they sometimes had more than 100 replies with all sorts of images and links. It was very entertaining at times!

But all good things must end, and Steemit totally imploded so I switched over to Hive, by then having a lot more inside knowledge, and bought up a large holding very cheap. Later I sold it before Hive also imploded up it's own arse, and soon after that I was blacklisted for posting anti "vax", and anti germ theory information at the start of the Covidhoax.


These days Steemit is a Chinese owned joke filled with Korean shitposts. If anyone is looking for Asian entertainment I recommend Ali Express where you can see stuff like 75 thousand listings for dildos all written in Chinglish.


Steemit is now a total waste of space where insiders fling money at their own alt accounts for posting pictures of the bowl of noodles they just ate... So it's an Asian version of Hive really!


HIVE still has the best front end of all time - PEAKD, which is brilliant, but the insider cabal, the corruption, the relentless downvoting and the censorship makes the platform an unusable lemon. I hope the insiders are proud of themselves, for destroying what could have been a great blogging platform.

FLOTE and BASTYON both followed slightly different downward trajectories, based more around bad decisions, bad design, lack of vision, and incompetence, rather than obvious corruption, but ultimately they too ended up as dead end platforms with no prospects.

Which finally brought me to BLURT. Why was I even considering posting on it at all? Because I started thinking it might be the only blockchain blogging platform with any chance of ever recovering. And even then only on the BLURTLATAM front end - 

But no, that went down the tubes as well. It's main strength was no downvoting, but that feature wasn't enough by itself, and Blurt tokens ended up worthless.

And that is why I gave up on blockchains.


First and foremost, I think the elephant in the room with all these blockchain platforms is that earning rewards from blogging just leads to endless suck whale dick for a dollar "safe posts". And along with that it leads to whales controlling the content by removing the rewards, and also to a bunch of tame insider puppets posting endless variations of the same posts to get their rewards.

I have since concluded that blogging is best done for my own entertainment, so these days I really don't expect to get rewarded for it, and I have the comments turned off, and try to ignore the lack of hits.