Wednesday 6 December 2023


 Having a double is common practice in American politics, but with some of them, like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, there are clearly many more than two. 

This meme showing four Biden's is a good intro but the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper. The original one was clearly replaced more than four years ago so presumably he is dead and out of the way.

As well as the eyes, and the hairlines, the other killer give away is the ear lobes, as it often is when spotting doubles.

The second and third ones are being routinely swapped between and are both being used as fall guys for the controlled demolition of the American economy.

Where it gets really strange is the use of the additional CGI Biden's of which there seem to be several. I suspect this one shown in the meme is being played by Jim Carrey. Just a hunch, but Carrey has long done some highly suspect work, such as The Truman Show (1998) which was possibly a deep state reveal. 

There appear to be multiple actors playing CGI versions of Biden but I do think there is substance to the popular "conspiracy theory" that Carrey is one of them. After staring in more than 50 movies, Carrey has all but disappeared over the past four years, only playing an "evil genius" in two crappy "Sonic The Hedgehog" movies.