Friday 3 May 2024



Surprisingly enough my Facebook feed has become a half decent source of memes and images this year. I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that back in 2016 when I quit using Facebook because of the relentless censorship. 

Yes I know it’s a Zionist owned mind programing site, but while all the blockchain sites I have tried over the past eight years, (Steemit, Hive, Flote, Blurt, Bastyon) have failed to become what was promised and are all ghost towns now, while Facebook has actually been increasingly active.


Facebook used to be a “social media” site where nearly everyone had only one account and used their real name. But over the past four years in particular, with the covidhoax and all the mind boggling bullshit that went hand in hand with that ongoing psyop, FB has become a site where many people have multiple accounts, not using their real names, and using creative spelling of key words to avoid getting censored or suspended by the AI, which is generally fairly predictable.


The problem with using your real name online is that as society has become increasingly divided, “friends” can become enemies, especially if they are the kind of people who believe the bullshit programming narrative, and you are the kind of person who has a mind of your own. But on the other hand if 100 people unfriend you and want nothing further to do with you, they can rapidly be replaced with 500 new people who are on a higher wavelength.

To get around the problem of being constantly suspended I set up multiple FB accounts and stopped using my original one years ago. Scrolling through my feeds I now have to admit that FB is displaying some of the best content I’m seeing on any platform.

I seldom post much in the way of longer writing on FB because I can’t be bothered changing the spelling (mainly just replacing “a” with “@” and “o” with “0” in any problem words which usually manages to confuse the AI). 

Facebook AI is surprisingly bad really, for example it totally freaks about any image with Hitler or anything resembling a Hitler mustache but doesn’t seem to be able to pick up an entire post exposing how to use the FB site to work against globalist interests. (Or are we played? – we certainly could be, this is a complex psyop!).

To test things out I did a June 2023 gallery with images from my FB timelines. Apart from the entertainment value another useful thing is that all of these images are ones that have remained uncensored on FB so they can be copied and pasted without triggering censorship or an account suspension. 

Since about March 2023 FB actually seems to have backed off on the censorship and I suspect that may be either because of the vast financial loses they are taking on their Meta balls up, or it might be in an effort to encourage greater more division of sheeple vs. thinkers (FB has always traditionally been a safe home for the sheeple).


Back in late 2022 Facebook suspended one my accounts for promoting suicide with this image!



Here are two of the images from a random gallery of images that were copied from my Facebook timeline in June 2023 - Click on the link to see the full gallery!