Saturday 18 November 2023


I haven't been out cruising for rides, I've been busy hiding up my own arse.


For the past four months I've been sticking to my own little corner of the web, my own two sifty little blogs, where all commenting is turned off, but so are any rewards. Confined to a chair with a sprained hip yesterday I felt a sudden urge to revisit my old haunts and see what's going on.

Going back about 15 years, I was really into Blogger. I always liked the way the site was laid out, so easy to use, it had what it needed and no bullshit. But it's owned by Google (they bought it) and I hate those fuckers. 

At one point they blacklisted my entire web domain  - - and that stopped all the traffic to my sites, including my business, so I stopped using Blogger and switched to Wordpress (with my own server) which I've been using ever since.

Four months ago I quit using all social media and went back to posting on Blogger. At this point my Wordpress blog is and my Blogger blog is

At it's peak my Wordpress blog pulled in four million hits in one year (2018). That was pretty awesome, and I probably made a significant contribution to changing the way the world works. Sort of like a New Zealand version of the Tavistock Institute. But then Goggle shadow banned it and my hits dropped to just 40k in 2022, a 99% drop. That totally pissed me off.

Steemit was fun for a while, in fact in 2016 it totally rocked, and Hive was pretty good for it's first year or so as well, but these CIA social media blockchain sites always seem to turn to shit once a bunch of circle jerk reward pool rapists start controlling all the content and rewards while spanking each other off and downvoting anyone who offends their delicate sensibilities by mentioning Operation Chaos.

The reason I crawled back up my own arse is that I couldn't find a suitable social media platform to go off on. A quick run through some of them:

Steemit was a cunning trap designed up by the CIA, to set up a new blockchain platform and then sell it to the Chinese with a bunch of spyware built it. Nice work CIA boys, give yourselves a rise. These days Steemit is where Asian people go to post photos of their dinner and pay themselves for doing so, while the CIA records notes about their eating habits. It is beyond boring.

Hive is pretty well designed, and the PeakD front end is a work of art. It would be my platform of choice, apart from the fact that my posts are being deliberately down voted by the approved insiders who are making sure only the correct content is up voted, and the only way I can avoid having my rep lowered relentlessly is to have the rewards turned off. So Hive can't actually stop me posting, but I do have to have the rewards turned off, and I can't be arsed using it. That's not because of fear of missing out on a dollar or two, it's my offended feelings at being blacklisted.


Blurt has no down voting, but it also has bugger all reading, voting, or commenting, because there are so few people using it, so it all feels a bit dead. But too bad, it still seems better than all the other crap platforms like Fakebook and X (I actually set up a Twatter account called "X" years ago but have never used it). I finally even went and sussed out how Reddit is doing as well, but that is clearly always been an approved content platform where they ran around in terror during the covidhoax and will do the same when the climatehoax builds up speed. In other words they are retarded. Maybe all social media platforms are psyops without any exceptions, including Blurt. But because of the lack of downvoting it's the only blockchain platform I feel inclined to have anything to do with.

At my pinnacle on Steemit I had two main accounts, one with 1867 enthusiastic followers, and one with 586. And I had 934 on Hive, and another 792 on Facebook. So I must admit that only having 80 on Blurt leaves me feeling like less of a man...


But I'm back having a look around today, and who knows where that may lead! In the meantime I'll just post some of my odd little pictures down below. My impressions of Blurt so far are that all the alternative Blurt front ends have been replaced by advertising, but many of the people whose posts I was reading six months ago are still posting. However bugger all people are commenting, which is not a good sign. So at this point, Blurt looks to have been going slowly backwards, but having seen just how bad all the other social media is, it may still have potential as a "doer upper" like a flogged out Holden Kingswood I saw yesterday.