Monday 22 January 2024



Does anyone read any of the crap we post on our blogs or blockchains, and does it make any difference?


Right through the covidhoax I posted stuff exposing it like a maniac, in a fruitless attempt to alert as many people as possible to the reality that "covid" was utter bullshit, and the toxic injections known as "vaccines" would make the poor saps who had them ill in ways they could barely begin to imagine.

Now that has happened, and many of the sheeple are as sick as fuck. Some of them are now saying they wished they had never had the injections. Can't say they weren't warned in full, but they didn't want to know.

One of the things I'm increasingly photographing over the past year is all the vacant shops and businesses with "For Lease" signs in the windows. I'm picking the New Zealand economy to have a complete meltdown within the next year.

I have just been re-watching a movie from 2000 called Bedazzled - it's a remake of the original Bedazzled movie from 1967 that I've just re-watched as well. I originally saw this remake when it first came out 23 years ago.

And I don't care if it's considered to be a bit crap, I enjoyed it anyway, and actually found it funnier than the original.


While I haven't been looking at blockchains over the past six months I have read most of Miles Mathis essays, and found some of them fascinating: