Monday 22 January 2024


 For anyone who wants to keep up to date with how the weather is being geoengineered in New Zealand, I highly recommend the Facebook group Geoengineering Watch NZ - every day there are photos being posted from all around New Zealand showing the man made skies. 

Now that the powers that shouldn't be have carried out phase one of the covidiot hoax, I think their next plan is to rack up the "glob@l w@rming" scam and try to use that to continue bringing in even more oppressive measures. But more people are gradually waking up to what is going on, and just because "they" have a plan doesn't mean they will succeed.
We have a plan as well, there are more of us, and we are not all just a bunch of degenerate inbred psychopath perverts like "they" are!

 This picture taken in Christchurch on Friday is my favorite recent post on GWNZ: