Tuesday 7 November 2023


COVID = Certificate Of Vaccination ID 

There are always multiple psyops going on, and I'm guessing the next really big push will be the man made "climate change" scam.

But the "covid" hoax will continue, and now that the mass injections phase is mainly done, we are up to the new phase of pushing the idea that everyone who has had the death jabs is about to die.

Much as I hate death jabs of any sort (aka "vaccinations"), this is a new mind game - if they actually gave a toss they would tell the poor gullible normies how to detox from the toxic injections, but they mostly don't mention that aspect, and by telling all the injected sheeple their days are over, they can attempt to kill them off quicker with a big dose of placebo effect. 

While it's true that the toxic jabs are extremely dangerous, blogs like this one are mainly aiming to get the fear ramping up:https://thecovidblog.com/ rather than to actually help or educate people at this late stage of the game.

None of them were saying peep in 2020 or 2021 when it really mattered, in fact many of these same commentators were going on about how dangerous "covid" was back then, but now that over 80% of the sheeple are jabbed to the gills, and that part of the psyop is over and done, they have suddenly found the courage to tell the injected that the jabs are going to kill them off rapidly!

Here in New Zealand Liz Gunn is going hard out on this! - she is right up there with Jabcinda for being fake and deceptive. In fact, if anything she is even better at it because she is a far better actress and doesn't have to keep stopping to wipe the coke off her nose.