Thursday 2 November 2023


Blogging is a fun hobby, but having watched it's gradual decline from a creative peak around 2010, down to the dregs it's in now, I have to say that the state of blogging in 2023 is at an all time low.

Last week I went through a bunch of my old blog bookmarks trying to find any current active blogs that I could include in a Blogroll here on this blog. Most of them were either totally inactive with the most recent post being from over five years ago, or the URL was not working at all, with an expired domain name or some other washed up shit going on.
OK, I'm living in the past I thought, it's time to find some new more up to date blogs, so I started having a dig around. And what did I find? Well it seems that like movies, music, books, magazines, and art, BLOGS IN 2023 ARE MOSTLY UTTER SHIT...

It's a good job I've turned over a new leaf for November and am staying focused on the positive :)
The standard of writing and thinking is so low on most blogs these days that I'm seriously wondering if they are being done by AI like most of the comments on YouTube. So along with giving up caring if I have any audience, I think that in order to enjoy having a blog in this era of living in a creative black hole, I'll also have to give up caring if I can assemble a decent Blogroll. I've put the few current active blogs that I found on it, but it's certainly not the most exciting blogroll I've ever seen. In fact I've renamed it the BOGROLL.