Monday 1 January 2024



I've probably been wasting my time blogging for years now. Back in 2016 it was an exciting and developing hobby, I was improving my writing, earning money, interacting online, & getting thousands of hits. But all that seems to be all over now, these days I'm blacklisted online, have almost no audience, the entire internet appears to be mainly AI, and all the blockchain platforms (Steemit, Hive, Flote, Blurt etc), are dead or dying, so realistically I have two choices, continue posting just for myself without caring about hits, (because let's face it, I will be getting bugger all of them anyway), or quit altogether.

I do think blogging helps me to get my ideas in order, improves my writing, and the presentation of my art and photography, and posting online works like having a muse, so it potentially makes me more creative. But if I continue blogging I need a new approach. 

Continuing to do long posts or updates of my old posts is getting boring. That is no longer creative. Previously I have put up with doing all sorts of things with some sort of idea that they needed to be done in order to "complete" them. But this past year, watching my mum dying at the same time as watching our country collapsing has really brought home to me that our time is very limited. And so is my energy. Doing things for completionism is a waste of my limited time and energy.

Blogging (like everything else) needs to be entertaining to make it worthwhile, and I can't really be arsed doing long blog posts or assembling great big collections of images any more. 

There is probably no awesome or revolutionary solution to this, so I'll probably just CONTINUE DOING SHORT BLOG POSTS, AND POSTING ANYTHING I FEEL LIKE, SORT OF LIKE AN ONLINE DIARY, which may achieve nothing of significance, but I do still have an impulse to do that. From this day on my aim is to post whatever I feel like, no rules, and no tosses given.