Wednesday 1 November 2023


 To celebrate my 25th anniversary of having a BLOG (and I don't even remember calling them "BLOGS" back in 1998, I think we just called them "WEBSITES"), I have had a month off all online posting, avoiding all social media use as well. 

 My WordPress blog has dropped off from a peak of 21.4 million hits in 2018, to only 579k hits four years later in 2022 (a 97% drop), and now my four month old second Blogger blog has also somehow already dropped down from around 200 hits a day in September this year, to an unbelievably low 10 hits a day only a few weeks later at the start of October (and one of those regular hits each day was me!).
Page Hits on in 2018:
 Page Hits on in 2022:



Shadow banning is a bit of a harsh spanking, but I've come to see the entire internet as a giant sea of controlled AI traffic, and I'm far from confident there is much I can do to work around this level of deep censorship. Basically, if anything is popular, that's probably because "THEY" want us to see it. Maybe, that is how it's always been, in one form or another, for hundreds of years.

So a question I've been pondering over the past month is: "Is it worthwhile to keep posting content online if barely anyone ever sees it?" And there are two answers to that question, depending on how I look at. If I care whether it is seen by anyone, then probably not, but if it is mainly just for my own entertainment, then probably yes.

To just throw content out there, without a care in the world, would be quite fun really. And like casting a message in a bottle out into the ocean, who knows where it might end up. The important thing is that I need to have no attachment to the outcome. My days of trying to "grow" any sort of audience are clearly over.


The Blogger platform is fairly well designed. Ignoring the censorship aspects and looking only at how convenient it is for knocking out quick blog posts, it's great in fact. I used to use it way back 20 years ago and it's still my favourite blogging front end. The fact that it hasn't changed for so long is a big part of that convenience. 

Although I hate Google and regard them as the enemy, if I use their Blogger platform (but also do a monthly backup copy of everything I post there, re-posted on my blog which is hosted on my own server space), I guess I can have the convenience of a really easy to use daily blogging platform, combined with some level of censorship resistance.

Essentially, my use of the entire internet follows that same pattern. I realise the internet is owned and run by the deep state, but I still find some of it useful, and choose to keep using it. 

So I have decided to continue posting some  stuff online mainly for my own entertainment, and to that end, the Blogger platform is really handy, even if virtually nobody ever sees my shadowy little  or blogs. That's too bad, but these days posting online is more like writing a personal diary entry than an onstage performance...

From now on I'll be marching to a different drum. Lately I've been coming round to thinking differently about quite a few things.

The alt media is just as fake as the mainstream media because "they" (the globalist/zionist/freemason/illuminati/satanist/bankers) play both sides.

The flows of traffic on the internet are mainly AI, so the hits are mostly imaginary, and popularity is just another illusion that is being used as a mind programming tactic.

All the commentators who appear to be popular are working for the globalist agenda, either promoting the narrative or resisting the narrative, but either way the content is always focusing on the narrative.

I no longer really care what other people think, I mainly care what is going on in my own mind. So if I post anything online, the primary audience is myself. And I'm no longer going to give a toss about hits, or the absence of them, they were probably mostly imaginary anyway, and I'm blogging for an audience of one (me).

My days of doing long blog posts are mostly over, now I feel more inclined to just do short posts with a few pictures. They will probably have more in common with shopping lists than novels.


My new system for blogging is nothing flash, but what I plan to do, when so inclined, is make some quick notes on JOPLIN, then copy them to BLOGGER, adding some pictures to make them into a blog post, and once a month copy the whole lot over to WORDPRESS into one big monthly post.

As an experiment I tried doing one post every day (most of them short) for four months, and then I tried having a break and going for an entire month with only one post. I've come to the conclusion that it does indeed suit me best to do a maximum of one post a day, and a minimum of one post a month. So I'll do something in between those two extremes.
If what I'm posting is more like a bunch of notes than a blog, and the only person reading any of them is myself, why impose strict rules?


So why on earth do I use it on so much? Just about every post on Sift is tagged quickie, but realistically, nobody is going to be searching for a quickie.

There is a method to my madness. Each month I plan to post a compilation post on, where all my quickie posts are compiled into one monthly full length post. When I hit the "quickie" tag I see a feed with all my short posts, and can more easily copy them to Frot. 

So the "quickie" tag is essentially just a way to leave out all my longer posts and any posts that are really just links to my longer Frot posts, because they are the only ones that don't have the quickie tag. Everything else does.

Like everything on this blog it is aimed to enhance my personal convenience, and it's quite handy really.


Like everyone who has been online since the dawn of time, (the nineties), I have left a trail if old content. Sometimes I think of it as my life's work. But it's time to move on, and the first thing I have to admit is that whatever audience I ever had is mostly long gone.

There are more than 800 old posts on my blog, but I'm not generally reading them myself, and I don't really think anyone else is. Most of the hits on that blog are people (or bots) looking at a few galleries of trannies. Trannies can be a bit of a laugh sometimes, but in all honesty, going on about trannies is probably not my best work.

 And going on about the covidhoax, or 911, or any other fucked up shit, wasn't much better really. My head has been full of all that crap for far too long, I'm long overdue for a clear out.

As part of my clear out, I've decided to go short and sharp. No more writing long blog posts, no more dicking around on social media or blockchains, and no more watching podcasts, I'm over all of it. If it can't be said in a few lines then we are just endlessly blathering on, and all that long winded verbosity could bore the legs off a donkey.

 To all the people who are just now realizing that he entire narrative is fake, you are starting out on an interesting ride. But I've been on it for 25 years, and it's time for me to start a new ride. It may not be easy to do overnight, but I'm going to have a crack at making a big change this month. October was the prepping and in November I will be flipping a big mental switch!