Sunday 12 November 2023


 Now I don't make this claim lightly - there are thousands of really bad music videos - but this one is not "bad" it is so horrendous it is actually good, a masterpiece of being terrible.

"Come To Daddy" by Aphex Twin combines some of the most horrible "music" ever recorded with a video so creepy it makes all other attempts at doing creepy, dark, or even satanic music videos look like Disney movies, they are all just a bunch of try hard satanic references hiding under a facade of being children's cartoons.

This video on the other hand is NASTY, to the extent that I find it really quite hard to watch for more than a minute or two, and even with the sound off it's still quite disturbing. But it's a really good example of whatever it is - in fact I'm pretty sure it's the best example of this sort of thing. The first 1:20 with no sound is morbidly fascinating but then the "music" kicks in and things get increasingly deranged from that point on.

There are only two channels on the AI mind programming YouTube platform that I have any interest in - Ozzy Man who is pretty funny sometimes, and Trash Theory who does some really interesting music documentaries.

This is the Trash Theory doco about Aphex Twin that lead to me revisiting the horrible "Come To Daddy" video again -