Friday 14 June 2024


Facebook has been around since early 2004, and recently turned 20. Despite what they might try to make out, it's reasonably well known that it was set up by the deep state for social programing purposes and Mark Zuckerburg is just an actor playing a role. In reality he is as clueless about what he's supposed to be doing as Elon Musk or Joe Biden.

The platform has a long history of trying to censor and control content, and I'm often asked why I would bother posting on a deep state controlled platform that is attempting to program everyone's minds.

Two big plus factors for me are that it's the biggest social media platform by miles, with three billion active users, and I also think it's the best designed all round social media platform - it's really well sorted. 

YouTube is ranked at #2 but it's not actually a social media platform - it's a heavily censored collection of videos with the vast majority of the traffic and comments being very obviously done by AI. Facebook also owns WhatsApp,  Instagram, and a bunch of other platforms..

Admittedly very few of those three billion users are using it on their computers like I am. Something like 98% of Facebook users are viewing it on a mobile phone, so they are seeing a controlled algorithm feed, with all the ads. I'm viewing it on my PC or laptop and seeing a chronological feed with a lot less "sponsored posts". In fact the feed I'm seeing is a surprisingly full on and mostly uncensored exposure of the deep state narrative.

 The majority of Facebook users are apparently Indians using mobile phones, but that is another thing about FB - it's like a vast ocean and you can pretty much stick to your own area, never knowing the rest even exists.

 I don't think I've ever interacted with an Indian on a mobile phone, but who knows, it's possible half my FB friends are actually Indian tech contractors employed by the CIA and pretending to be conspiracy theorists.