Saturday 4 November 2023


Five years ago I seemed to know all sorts of things that I'm not so certain of now. While I did make quite a few accurate predictions back then, I probably wouldn't have anticipated I'd end up saying that.

And watching some podcasts lately I've come to the conclusion that the longer they drag on for, the less worthwhile stuff is actually said. They used to typically be about 15 to 45 minutes long and that was plenty long enough. But now, many of them are going on for hours. If someone can't say their piece in under an hour they are wasting everyone's time.

Like a bunch of fat whales queuing up at McDonald's for a big feed of shit, most of what we are getting served online is not doing us any good. It's time for a better diet!


Here is a really good 26 minute podcast/audio where Amazing Polly totally nails it:

 I just watched this and it was great to see someone online expressing this - what she says here is the point I'm up to myself, and I get the feeling she is for real in this one, because I recognize the tone of her voice!

Although personally I don't trust Jim Carrey an inch, and I think "The Truman Show" was the illuminati doing one of their reveals (she doesn't mention that part).

Another one of my wild speculations is that Jim Carrey is currently playing a CGI version of Joe Biden