Sunday 5 November 2023


Every year on November the 5th, we used to have a huge public celebration of blowing up politicians with lots of bombs. It was called Guy Fawkes.

Rather than hiring hundreds of crisis actors to lie about in the streets pretending to be dead, we just used to buy a few hundred thousand dollars worth of Chinese fire works and let them off over the harbour.

And instead of freaking out for months about “terrorists” and “lone shooters” we would just go “awesome, that looked cool”

Unfortunately the NZ communist puppet government who were illegally "governing" - AKA bankrupting - NZ for the past six years replaced Guy Fawkes with a libtard PC event with some unpronounceable name that nobody gives a toss about. 

For some reason they didn't like a celebration of blowing up politicians...

Back when there used to be a Guy Fawkes display over the harbour, I decided that some of my pictures of the fireworks could be a bit more abstract, so here are some unrealistic edited photos of the fireworks from one of the last ever Guy Fawkes fireworks displays over Wellington Harbour.

But this was six years ago, way back in 2017. Afterwards, we got on a nice empty bus to come home, and five minutes later it was sort of full. Imaginary terrorism for fun is so much more entertaining than imaginary terrorism for profit and control, and people really got into the spirit of it. If only we had really blown them up in 2017 maybe the past six years would have been different!

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