Friday 15 December 2023


The sky over Wellington yesterday (NZ) was horrible yesterday. The day started off sunny with clear blue skies but gradually turned grey and murky, as if there was a massive fire. But there wasn't.

It was a southerly wind so presumably the grey scunge was coming up from the South Island, maybe from Nelson or Blenheim.

By mid afternoon it was an overcast day with a thick dark band of dirty grey "cloud" running all the way from the south coast and up the Hutt Valley.

Here is a photo I took at 5pm looking out east. In over a decade of taking photos of dodgy "weather" including chemtrails and strange cloud formations, this has to take the cake for being the biggest dark dirty band of suspicious looking stuff in the sky.

Some people now seem to be have nose and eye problems, possibly triggered by this. The sky today is not as clearly odd looking as yesterday but it still looks pretty suspicious.

Are they trying to make us all sick for Xmas?