Thursday 14 December 2023


 After a two month break from social media, I tried GAB for a few days but it was mostly repetitive American stuff & most of the memes are pretty lame these days.

Then I tried Twitter/X for a few days, where there is quite a lot of NZ content but it's mostly negative, humourless, & somewhat depressing

So in the end I went back to Facebook. And to all my friends on Facebook who mocked me at the start of October and said "You will be back, don't be such a blow hard", Yeah, you were right...

It's probably not the best place for exposing the New World Order, or the role of the CIA in social media, but at least there is some traces of humour still remaining, as long as I remember to use creative spelling for offfensive words like trannnies and zyonnists I don't seem to get suspended, and with hundreds of friends and followers there is a bit of interaction.