Monday 11 December 2023


 From this point on I want to move to a much simpler blogging system and leave behind all my old ideas of "real" blogging, which have come to feel like a never ending backlog of updates, and a sense that nothing is as good as before. 

I have come to view the entire internet as being like the Steemit and Hive blockchains, totally controlled by corrupt insiders, and it's safe to say I will probably never again get 2000+ hits a day on my blog or earn $200+ for a blockchain post. I occasionally did reach those heights in the past but that was more than five years ago for both examples and those days seem to be over.

The plan for my WordPress blog is to make it an archive and pretty much stop updating it, other than backing up my new Blogger posts once a month. My days of doing big long posts are over and Blogger is quicker and easier to do short posts on. 
Neither platform is getting much traffic these days so it's all just about my own creative expression, rather than trying to impress any virtual audience. It's probably about time to put FROT out to pasture, leaving it as an eight year record of my 850+ blog posts from January 2016 to December 2023, and that is fine.

And the plan for this new SIFT blog - In the simplest way possible I want to move on from FROT to SIFT. In some ways the name change is symbolic, reminding me it's time to move on. 

I'd like to keep doing regular short posts on SIFT, and also to start signing my art SIFT rather than FROT, so some of my SIFT posts may include these pictures. 

They may include whatever I feel like really, that is the whole point. I want to let go of the outdated ideas that I'm catering to some sort of audience, or that I'm aiming to make immediate changes to the state of things, as both are pretty unlikely in a controlled AI internet. But I can be chill about that and still post some stuff anyway.