Sunday 21 April 2024


 I'm not sure what to make of some "modernist" art - for example is this painting showing the anticipated audience reaction to this painting by Tala Madani? Or are those men transitioning? So many questions, maybe it's better to stop over analyzing and just enjoy the artistry...

 Tala Madani is worshipped for mocking the very men who probably fund her exhibitions - fat, balding, middle aged men with pervy sexual issues, so she is highly regarded in libtard art poseur circles!

"Tala Madani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1981. She skewers stereotypes in her sharply satirical paintings that evoke clashes of culture: men and women, the rational and the absurd, Western and non-Western"

"Madani’s figurative paintings often feature a riotous cast of middle-aged men, balding and stocky, whose libidinal mayhem wreaks havoc on any situation the artist thrusts them into. Acerbic caricatures of both machismo and a childlike desire for mischief, the physical comedy at work in Madani’s paintings is anchored by intense pleasures, pathos, and a pervasive sense of violence"

"Tala Madani’s paintings depict a universe of splendid transgressions. A brood of babies feasts on a mother made of crap. A toddler wields a penis the size of a go-kart. A man is levitated by the power of his own glowing ejaculate. It’s a funny, horrifying and often hypermasculine place, animated by the mythic logic of the subconscious. To suit her subject, Madani depicts many of these activities in the dark, lit dramatically by flashlights and projectors, as if they were scenes in some sordid farce. Light is a primary force here, just as it is for all painters, but these lights are artificial, invasive beams of unwanted exposure"
 Here are five of her masterpieces