Sunday 7 January 2024

The Fake Holocaust

More people are slowly waking up to this huge scam

According to the census of June 16, 1933, the Jewish population of Germany, including the Saar region (which at that time was still under the administration of the League of Nations), was approximately 505,000 people out of a total population of 67 million, or somewhat less than 0.75 percent. That number represented a reduction from the estimated 523,000 Jews living in Germany in January 1933; the decrease was due in part to emigration following the Nazi takeover in January. (An estimated 37,000 Jews emigrated from Germany during 1933)

So there were only half a million Jews in Germany – where did six million figure come from?

 The Holocaust As Convenient UnHistory
By Brother Nathanael Kapner,

COUNTLESS ALLIED WAR CRIMES have been sequestered under the cover of the so-called ‘Holocaust’ which was allegedly perpetrated by National Socialist Germany.

In a global quest to ‘rescue European Jewry’ more than half a million German civilians were killed in Allied bombings of German towns and cities alone, with at least 200,000 them literally “holocausted” in flames and fire storms in Dresden.

(The Jewish-dictated ‘court historians” of the Jewish-created ‘Bundesrepublik Deutschland’ have fixed the Dresden civilian deaths at 25,000. Those who dare question the ‘Jewish’ count are faced with imprisonment and huge fines.)

Moreover, at least nine million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied policies in post WWII Germany of starvation as well as expulsion from former German-held territories.

And 1.7 million German prisoners of war died of torture and brutality in Eisenhower’s Death CampsView Allied War Crimes Here & Here.

American Jewry, the architects of Roosevelt’s entry into WW II, which under the direction of the Jew, Henry Morgenthau Jr, formulated and advanced the idea of “collective punishment” against both German civilians and their leaders. View Entire Story Here & Here.

It was James Forrestal, former US Secretary of Defense, who in his diary of December 27 1945, noted that during a game of golf, Joseph Kennedy, FDR’s ambassador to Britain, toldhim that British prime minister Neville Chamberlain stated that “world Jewry forced England into war.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

And Jewry itself best recognizes why America entered WW II.

The American Hebrew on July 24 1942 declared that “whenever an American falls where MacArthur’s men fought the survivors can say: the reason that boy went to his death is because Hitler’s anti-Semitic movement succeeded in Germany.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

WHEN THE ALLIES ‘liberated’ National Socialist prison camps, a whole new arena of propaganda emerged that World Jewry seized upon and exploited in the press.

The Jewish propaganda machine spun into action when the Jewish-owned New York Timespublished on May 6 1945, the photo, “Crowded Bunks In The Prison Camp At Buchenwald.”

The apparent intent was to elicit sympathy for Jews rather than (by omission) engendering compassion for the millions of German civilians who lost their lives due to Allied war crimes.

Indeed, the New York Times laid the groundwork for Jewry’s propagandizing agenda, when five months before publishing the Buchenwald photo, they ran a story headlined: “6,000,000 Jews Dead In Europe.” And this appeared long before anyone could have known the number.

Soon, World Jewry had a weapon to advance and protect their fabricated story: control of the mass media and the newest and most thought-controlling media of all — television.

FROM THEN ON, the Western World has been inundated with Holocaust Documentaries, Holocaust Movies, Holocaust Museums, Holocaust Books, and Holocaust Curriculums.

The aim? To immunize Jewry and Israel from valid criticism — and most conveniently — to obscure the Allied war crimes perpetrated against millions of German civilians.

Perhaps “Holocaust Fatigue” now inflicting German youth will create a thirst for what REALLY happened during World War II and an appreciation of their own, factually-substantiated, Holocaust.

And that –ironically to say– will be a very ‘inconvenient’ history lesson for World Jewry


Six Million Did Not Die

The claim that 6 million Jews died during World War II is wrong.

During the war period, before and shortly afterward, 5 million Jews went to Israel, and the Jewish population of North America increased from 4 million to 6 million.

Jews also went to Brazil, Argentina, Australia and other nations. This accounts for the decrease of 6 million Jews in Europe.

The world Jewish population was 15 million circa 1929 but it reached an estimated high of 18 million in 1989, an increase of 16%, which would have been impossible if 6 million Jews died in World War II.

The rabbi of my synagogue was Rabbi Andrew Klein who was a Hungarian Jew. He was interned in Auschwitz during World War II. His wife and 2 sons, Theodore and Lester, were interned in Bergen-Belsen.

One of the stories you hear about the nazis is that they killed all the Jews who could not work. But, Theodore and Lester were both children who could not work when they were at Bergen-Belsen but they were not killed.

Soon after the end of the war, there were a few different stories of how the nazis committed mass murder. One was that the victims were put in water and an electric current was sent through the water electrocuting the victims.

Another was that the victims were thrown in great fiery pits. Yet another was that the victims were driven in trucks which had their exhaust fumes channeled into the compartment in which the victims were placed, thereby killing them.

Finally, there is the story about the victims ‘taking showers’ in gas chambers which is the one claimed today. I take issue with this claim for the following reasons.


ZYKLON-B WAS INVENTED in America, not Germany. It was first used in Texas to disinfect the clothing of Mexicans crossing the border.

In the German work camps, Zyklon-B was used to disinfect the clothing of the internees to stem the tide of typhus.

Perhaps you have heard the story that the internees were led into a room in which they were told that they would be given showers and then they were gassed to death.

In reality, the doors of a real gas chamber would have to be airtight and look something like an airplane door. Otherwise, the gas would seep out and kill those operating the gas chamber.

In employing a gas chamber for an execution of one person, (as it was once done in America), a method used was to have potassium nuggets dropped into sulfuric acid by a lever. This would result in the production of hydrogen cyanide which would kill the person being executed.

Before the doors of the gas chamber could be opened—post-execution—another gas, anhydrous ammonia, must be injected into the chamber to react with the poisonous gas to make it a less lethal resulting gas.

Even so, anhydrous ammonia being poisonous, it would react with the gas used and would have to be scrubbed away. All of this would have been a long, dangerous, inefficient and toilsome task for the nazis to destroy ‘millions’ using gas chambers.

If Hitler wanted to kill as many Jews as he could, he would have had them shot by machine guns and automatic rifles. This would have been the least expensive and quickest way to commit mass murder. And, tragically, there were many mass murders in World War II by soldiers using machine guns and automatic rifles.

The claim that Hitler committed a genocidal war against Jews is false. I am not defending Hitler. He started a war which caused the deaths of millions.


I FIRST READ Elie Wiesel’s “Night” when in it was an earlier publication.

In this early edition, Wiesel does not mention any gas chambers but states that mass murder was committed by throwing Jews of all ages into great fiery pits.

When I ask various Jews why did Wiesel not mention gas chambers if they existed, and, if great fiery pits were used to kill people, then why are people not talking about the great fiery pits now like people are always talking about the gas chambers?

The usual response is that the victims were killed by both methods and that Wiesel’s failure to mention gas chambers is not proof that the gas chambers for killing people did not exist. This answer is not convincing since Wiesel purports to be giving an eyewitness account.

Weasel (misspelling intentional…for the man is a deceiver and a sneak) wrote about the internees taking showers, being shaved of all body hair, and being covered with disinfectant which would be consistent with a program to prevent typhus and other diseases from killing the internees and not consistent with a program which wanted the internees to die.

In the earlier edition of “Night,” Wiesel wrote that he had surgery on one of his feet at a “well equipped hospital” in Auschwitz before taken to other camps. In the newer editions of “Night” this has been changed to an “infirmary.”

Yet, in both editions, he states that he was given two weeks off from work after his surgery which is inconsistent with the claim that all internees who could not work were killed.

Weasel wrote that while he was recuperating the Russians were approaching Auschwitz and the Germans knew that they could not hold out in Auschwitz any longer.

So, they offered all their internees who were in the hospital that they could decide whether to wait for the Russian soldiers to come or leave with the Germans. Wiesel decided to leave with the Germans who were supposedly committing genocide against the Jews instead of waiting for liberation by the Russians.

Perhaps, you have seen pictures of piles of dead and walking skeletons of a liberated concentration camp.

But, by the end of the war, all Germans were having difficulty feeding themselves.

Also, the American and British air forces were bombing all the railroad tracks making it impossible to bring sufficient quantities of food into the camps. So, America and Britain share most of the blame for the starvation in the camps at the end of the war.

Jews need to keep bringing up the Holocaust so they can extort billions of dollars from America and its most advanced weapons systems for their Zionist program in Israel.

Jews own and control America’s mainline media, so that they can control most everything Americans hear and see.

While Americans argue about what to do about medical care and how much it will cost, Israel has a much more generous medical care program for its citizens and does not need to worry about the costs because it’s paid for by tax-paying American citizens in the aid we give to Israel.



By Brother Nathanael Kapner,

SOME HAVE CALLED the Twentieth Century, the “American Century,” a term used to describe the United States’ dominance over the rest of the world.

But Jewish historian, Yuri Slezkine, identifies the last hundred years as the “Jewish Century,” his own term by which he describes Jewry’s emergence from the ghetto into the realms of civil activism.

In fact, that is the title of his much-acclaimed (by Jewish reviewers of course) 2009 historical work, “The Jewish Century,” published by Princeton Press.

It is in this range of vision that French Jewish writer Alain Finkielkraut exclaimed in 1998, “How sweet it is to be Jewish at the end of the 20th century! We are no longer History’s accused, but its darlings. The spirit of the times loves, honors, and defends us, it even needs our imprimatur.”

Jews today are the “darlings of democracy” ever since international Jewry destroyed the last vestiges of benevolent Christian Monarchy when they murdered Tsar Nicholas and family in 1918, probably the most beautiful family that ever existed in contemporary history.

And now, with billions of dollars at their command, control of the Central Banks with the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank at the head, and all of Capitol Hill cowering before AIPAC’s thuggish mediocrities during its Week Of National Humiliation, “democracy” has been BOUGHT by organized Jewry, and sadly, the Western world has reaped its poisonous fruit.

WHILE TRACING Jewish migratory patterns throughout the Diaspora in his book, Slezkine brings to light that the many faces of modernity — socialism, capitalism, liberalism — sprang largely from Jewish influence.

Without dispute, the major cultural movements of our day whether it’s Marxism, Bolshevism, Finance Capital, Freudianism, or Post-Christian Sexual Mores, all find their rootsin Jewish activism seeded in Jewry’s “revolutionary” spirit.

But underlying this revolutionary temper lurks a force that is much more sinister, dark, and malevolent, than any movement or revolution could ever effect.


WE ARE NOW LIVING in a “Holocaust Remembrance” society.

Touted as the central event of the 20th Century, high school students throughout the Western World will continue to be force-fed with Holocaust dribblings and never once hear of how Jews of the Bolshevik Cheka murdered over 70 million Orthodox Christians.

The so-called ‘extermination’ of European Jewry by Hitler’s Third Reich, (Holocaust connoisseurs have yet to provide evidence of gas chambers), has become an image of Western civilization, replacing the West’s symbol of the Resurrection of Christ with the remembrance of dead Jews.

The death of Jews now permeates all of Western cultural consciousness – through movies, television, books, high school courses, museums – and now, “special days,” dedicated to the worship of Jewish corpses where even Westernized Chinese leaders pay adoration and homage.

This Jewish fixation on death vis-a-vis their dead relatives, (every Jew has an ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ who was ‘gassed’ at Auschwitz), and subjecting every Gentile to the veneration of such, is nothing less than the spirit of anti-Christ which denies the incarnation of Christ, the life-affirming event of the manifestation of man’s divinization.

ONE MUST WONDER amidst all of this Jewish suffering now honored as sacred, holy, and inviolable, how it is that Jews enjoy greater creature comforts than their fawning Gentiles will ever come close to possessing.

One must also reflect amidst all the pity Jews demand be showered on them that not one ounce of mercy pours forth from their lobbyists for the plight of Palestinians, who, at the hands of Zionist Jewry, have seen their children murdered, their wells poisoned, and their villages and olive groves stolen.

And surely, one must ask amidst the pervasive “Jewification” of Western culture, how long this ‘Jewish Century,’ this ‘Jewish Age of Death,’ can last?

If the symbol of Western Culture is indeed Jewry’s affirmation of death, then like a leaf in the burning heat, their day in the sun will soon wither and crumble away.


Saturday 6 January 2024


 I was looking through some old photos today and found this one - Over the years I had more than 50 bikes of my own and test rode more than 1500 different bikes - possibly a lot more (Test riding repaired bikes was one of my jobs)

But I only ever owned one with disc brakes - this 97 Diamondback X2 all rebuilt with upgraded parts - it had top of the line Hope brakes that were selling for crazy $ back in the 90's - they started out retailing for NZ$2700 for a pair, and got gradually cheaper, but I would have got all that gear fairly cheap - I think the bike cost me about NZ$3k all up when I built it up in 97.

Truth is I always preferred old school hard tails and wished they had a downhill race class for them - I was never any faster on full suspension - and this bike felt too heavy for my tastes, as did all full suspension bikes.

Thursday 4 January 2024


For any sheeple who seriously think all those white lines in the sky are "contrails", I can say with the certainty of living with a view of New Zealand's third busiest airport (Wellington) that regular planes in summer do not leave any trails, not even for five seconds - none! 

Chemtrails on the other hand, stay in the sky all day, gradually spreading out...

This is probably my best chemtrail photo - I've got a whole folder of them dating back to 2007, but as I was watching this one plane doing repeated passes over Picton, leaving a parallel white line each time, it was very obvious that it wasn't a regular plane flying somewhere!

Meanwhile as I was standing on the top deck of the ferry watching the action, more than 50 other passengers were all staring at their phones, and not a single one looked up...

Wednesday 3 January 2024


People keep asking me what the globalists are planning next, after the covidhoax, but it's really not that hard to predict! So wake up and smell the sheeple this year. 

Monday 1 January 2024


Yesterday I did my last new post on my old blog 

It's been online since January 1 2016, so it's eight years old now, and has over 750 posts. But it is heavily blacklisted, and the hits have dropped from a peak of over 2000 a day in 2017 to less than 100 a day in 2023, which isn't very inspiring.

WordPress seems to be getting endlessly more complex, and I wonder now if the whole WordPress platform is yet another deep state psyop, because let's face it, with over 455 million sites, or over 30% of all websites currently online using WordPress, it's highly unlikely that it isn't.

 From this point on I want to move to a much simpler blogging system, and let go of all my old ideas of "real" blogging, which seems to have become a never ending backlog of updates, combined with a sense that nothing I post online is as good as what I was posting before. That is probably true, but there is no point dwelling on my failures.

This past year I have started to see the entire internet as being very similar to the Steemit and Hive blockchains, totally controlled by corrupt insiders. It's safe to say I'm unlikely to ever again get 2000+ hits a day on any of my blog posts or earn $200+ for any blockchain posts. I did occasionally reach those heights in the past, but that was more than five years ago and the glory days of blogging seem to be long over.

So I've decided to quit posting new content on WordPress. It was probably about time to put the FROT blog out to pasture anyway, but I'll leave it online as an eight year record of my 750+ blog posts from January 2016 to December 2023.

From now on I'll only be posting my new content on

Yes, that is a Blogger blog, and Blogger is owned by Google. But ultimately, Google seem to have censored the entire internet, and Blogger is easy to use and convenient. If my posts are going to get barely any traffic, I might as well use a convenient deep state platform (Blogger) rather than an inconvenient deep state platform (WordPress)

Sunday 31 December 2023

Today is the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Well it is in New Zealand, & the rest of you will get there tomorrow. Remember to get out in the sun. OK, that may not be possible in NZ where summer has been canceled, but at least wave your balls in the air or something to celebrate.

Monday 25 December 2023


 For some reason I still keep assuming I have any regular readers. That is highly unlikely. But this is not really the time of the year for blogging or looking at blog posts anyway. There is lots of other stuff going on.

Just in case anyone is looking at this blog - MERRY XMAS!

Remember to eat with care and restraint over the Xmas season

Wednesday 20 December 2023


 As an example of just how confusing this entire deep state mindfuck can be, I’ll mention Miles Mathis. For the past few years I’ve been reading his essays – there are hundreds of them, and many are really interesting. At first I thought I’d found an amazing source of information, but gradually it dawned on me that it’s unlikely just one person could do all that research or write all those essays. 

Then I read this essay outing him as a Tavistock shill: An Open Letter to Miles Mathis. When I first read it, I thought it was long, sloppily written, and badly presented, and I wasn’t fully convinced. 

But in 2023 “Miles Mathis” did several papers about subjects I’ve done a lot of research on, and I could see straight away that they were deliberate distractions, filled with misinformation, and so the penny finally dropped. 

“Miles Mathis” does indeed appear to be an entire team of deep state contractors. The really tricky part is that about half of what they post does check out, and is often very revealing. But the other half sometimes doesn’t check out at all, and is often utter crap. Leading to the question WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY UP TO? 

Yet again I realise I’m not at the top of the information pecking order. As I eventually always seem to do…

“Miles Mathis” – his art sucks and his website is amateurish, disorganized and ugly, but for some reason I thought he was revealing deep state conspiracies that nobody else would touch.

What comes next I don’t know, that is about as far as I’ve got. The world will continue to change with or without any input from me. So while changing the world might be an exciting idea in theory, in practice I’m beginning to understand why all those zen guru teachers say you can only change yourself.

Monday 18 December 2023


Just like the Tesla cyber truck, the 1980 Citroen Karin was a concept car that didn't actually go and was never sold.

The Tesla cybertruck does appear to have some working versions, but the actual production and sale of them is a rabbit hole well worth checking out.


The 1980 Citroën Karin was a French concept car that looked like a pyramid spaceship on wheels.

When the Citroën Karin was first presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1980, it attracted the astonished gaze of visitors. It was quite unusual to see a futuristic sci-fi pyramid in a motor show, let alone a pyramid on four wheels.

The driver was able to control almost everything without letting go of the steering wheel. Small computers that controlled various functions were also placed in the door panels near the handles so that both the driver and passengers could reach them.

The real gem was on the dashboard, where a mini cathode-ray tube screen was there to display information about the road and the car.

Saturday 16 December 2023



The Wellington City Council has admitted that its use of German MAN buses is oppressive to people of non-binary gender, so it is now planning to replace them all with new electric buses from Bus International (BI) the bus division of American truck manufacturer International.

The current buses feature the word “MAN” on the front and also on the driver’s steering wheel.

A spokesperson for the Men Are Redundant Movement (MARM) said MAN buses were offensive and had no place in a non-binary world.

Wellington taxpayers will again be footing the bill for another 278 new buses after already buying the environmentally friendly but sexually oppressive MAN buses, but MARM says going BI is non-negotiable, as it is not possible to put a price on ending sexual oppression.

Non-binary passengers will receive a discount when they use their TRANS bus card, and it is hoped that the people of Wellington will be encouraged to stop forcing themselves into fixed gender roles and feel free to publicly live as their authentic true selves.

To encourage people to embrace their unrestricted sexuality MARM is running an advertising campaign featuring well known Kiwi celebs who are heroically taking a public stand and displaying their true non binary selves, such as ex-NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern.

Although most commentators fully support the move, some have suggested that buses are in themselves offensive to people of size, and by being wider than cars they are mocking people who don’t fit within the restrictive concepts of socially acceptable weight. As a way to compensate for this, the Reverse All Sizeism Today Affirmative (RASTA) suggests introducing a discounted “SIZEISM” bus card.