Sunday 12 May 2024




Back in 2016 I did a list of what I saw then as the most basic and obvious conspiracies. Revisiting that list in 2023 it seems like just seven years ago we were living in relatively simple and innocent times, but even now in post covid hoax times there are still lots of people living in denial of these basics. 
Since 2016 there has been an entire new wave of conspiracies to look into and many of these ones seem like old news now. But this is where I was up to in 2016 and they are still a good starting point to revise before getting into all the exciting new stuff!

 “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”- J. Edgar Hoover

Although focusing incessantly on a lot of this misinformation can be stressful or depressing, it also allows us to take action to avoid being screwed over – and often this action, like refusing vaccinations or amalgam fillings for example – is really quite easy.

But we need to be able to step back and see the bigger picture rather than becoming obsessed with just one part of it.

I’ve looked into some seemingly diverse subjects including global warming, peak oil, marijuana, hemp, consumerism, the CIA, insider trading, chemtrails, vaccinations, chaos theory, organics, nutrition, censorship, drugs, fluoridation, doctors, google, advertising, corporations, chemicals, GM, computers, free trade, false flags, zionists, and the USA and it’s uncontrolled world domination fetish.

The way these things tend to interlink, and the patterns they each repeat, open up a clearer way of looking at things. A bigger picture. There are plenty of people who are trying to distribute quality information. But most people are not ready or willing to even consider it – they are too thoroughly indoctrinated. So it often stays submerged.

Some people say things like “I just maintain a state of apathetic cynicism and avoid thinking about all this stuff” And that’s a way to reduce stress I suppose. But on the other hand, we are getting mislead and lied to so frequently that it’s a bit dysfunctional to just ignore it and pretend the official story is all true. And I think that there are enough people becoming aware of what’s going on to fight back. Even if sometimes it really feels like we are pushing shit uphill.

We all tend to react badly to anything that contradicts our existing beliefs. But many of these beliefs, are not self created at all. Others have put them there, to serve their own interests. Whether it’s the media, the medical industry, the CIA, or companies like Monsanto doing the brainwashing, it keeps on working so long as the public avoid questioning it.

The great majority of people would rather jam their head up their own sphincter than start working things out for themselves. In some ways, the movie “The Matrix” was a good analogy for the way in which our whole way of looking at things has to be relearned in order to see the truth. And once you see the matrix, you can’t go back to not seeing it….

So who created the assumptions in your own head, and is it really in your own best interest to continue to believe them?

Fluoride in the water supply

There are so many myths and assumptions surrounding putting fluoride in water that in a heavily fluoridated country like New Zealand, many people go into a state of incredulous disbelief if they are told that our water supply is being poisoned.

While the issue of whether fluoride reduces dental decay is often debated when discussing this topic (it doesn’t – in fact it actually slightly increases tooth decay), this is a just a distraction from the real issues – fluoride is put in the water to create a profitable way to dispose of a lethal industrial by-product, and to make the population more submissive

The main reason it remains in the water supplies of a handful of globalist controlled countries (containing less than 4% of the world population) is because the officials who have been pushing this mass medication program are controlled and funded by globalist interests.

The 9-11 attacks

The US Government was fully involved in carrying out the 9-11 attacks, which they planned and carried out themselves under the control of globalist interests based in Israel. The attacks were a perfect excuse to take actions they would never otherwise have been able to get away with, and there is a huge mountain of evidence pointing at the deep state as being the “terrorists” who carried out the attacks.

And the Pentagon was not hit by a passenger plane on 9-11 – all the physical evidence indicates that it was hit by something much smaller – a missile, an energy weapon or a drone plane. The passenger plane story falls to pieces as soon as it is checked out. It may not have been hit by anything at all, but just blown up with explosives.

In the 9-11 "attacks" there appear to have only been two planes, not four, and the evidence indicated that neither of these were actually passenger planes, but military refueling planes flown by remote control from a command center in Building 7. There were no passengers, and no terrorists other than the deep state ones.

The three WTC towers that collapsed into piles of dust at free-fall speed leaving very little wreckage were felled by explosives (only two were even hit by planes anyway). The steel beams super-heated by fire story has been thoroughly discredited.

Amazingly, over 20 years on, many Americans still don’t even know a third tower fell down! The third tower was 47 stories tall, it was called “World Trade Center Building 7”, and nothing hit it, it wasn’t on fire, it just collapsed at free fall speed. Some people would call that suspicious.


 This album cover was released months before 9-11 and later changed:


Almost ALL mainstream food information is false

A low fat/high carb diet contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This has been widely known (and covered up) since the 1930’s. The idea of a “Healthy Low Fat” diet is total bollocks. Saturated fat and cholesterol are both essential nutrients.

A low cholesterol diet raises the levels of bad cholesterol and increases the likelihood of heart attacks and high blood pressure. Basically a diet low in cholesterol causes high cholesterol. (yes, the exact opposite of what “doctors” are saying)

Milk that has been pasturised is worse than useless, all the enzymes in it that are needed for digestion and calcium absorbsion have been destroyed. Only raw milk is worth drinking, commercial milk is toxic.

Intolerance to gluten follows a bell curve, from celiacs to people who are fine eating gluten, but the vast majority (well over 50%) of people are suffering major health problems from eating modern forms of gluten – one of the ways to reduce cancer is to avoid eating gluten.

Most obese people are suffering from malnutrition. (They eat a lot of crap but not many nutrients). The population of America are one of the most malnourished in the world. And NZ is following the dietary mistakes of the most obese nation of all time.

False Flags

The US government/Mossad/NWO are regularly creating false flag “terrorist” events, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, and the Sandy Hook shootings, along with the big ones like 911 and the 2015 Paris bombings.

These false flag operations are full of obvious holes to anyone who takes the time to have a closer look at them. Here’s a photo from the Boston Marathon “bombings”, for example. This man who was supposed to have had his legs blown off in the marathon is a well known “crisis actor”

As well as the crisis actors, False flag events follow a number of other repeating patterns:

Cycling Drug Cheats

It was very clear from the outset to anyone who was paying attention that Lance Armstrong was a drug cheat

As an ex-cyclist and ex-bike shop owner, I’ve long had an interest in this story. Cycling has a history of drug use dating back over 100 years, and it pretty much goes without saying that anyone finishing in the top 10 in the Tour de France from 1970 to 2010 was on the juice. And things haven’t really changed all that much in recent years.

After he was caught Armstrong said that he wasn’t cheating because everyone was doing it. That everyone was doing it is one of the few true things that Armstrong has ever said.

Beyond the mafia like business of Armstrong’s doping system, which is covered in books like “Cycle Of Lies” there are several other revealing aspects to this story. One is the way is which so many people blocked out the evidence of something that was blatantly obvious. And then claimed not to know… (like 911, fluoride, or GMO’s)

Another is that the real corruption, and the real money here, was not the cycling but the cancer industry. But this side of the story was covered up perfectly, as it always is… (like the causes and cures of cancer are too)

And the story is also a very good example of the corruption endemic in American culture, and the mass media driven worship of lying sociopaths… (like so many American politicians, celebrities, business leaders, and athletes)

Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” were fake

Clearly there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq in 2002. And it’s highly unlikely that the US ever intended to “win the war in Iraq” The building of the largest embassy in the world did indicate they were not planning to leave anytime soon. But then again they did leave the Saigon embassy in a bit of a hurry.

William Shakespeare was a pseudonym

Not that I really care much about this one, because I think William Shakespeare is boring and I’d rather read William Gibson, but if you are into the classics, it does seem highly unlikely that an under-educated man from Stratford-Upon-Avon, who had never traveled anywhere, and couldn’t reliably spell his own name, wrote all that stuff about Europe. Really the Frances Bacon pseudonym idea is not half bad.

Cell Phones are a major health danger

Cell phones are radiating your brain, tracking your position, and feeding your messages into Echelon. And yes they do cause brain tumours.

Cancer is an industry

Over the past 80 years many effective natural treatments for cancer have been aggressively repressed. And there have been numerous effective treatments. Cancer is an industry, and any “cure for cancer” is covered up as quickly as possible. The sickness industry is one of the biggest money making con-jobs of all time, and anything that threatens that monopoly is squashed ruthlessly.

Sugar, in all its refined forms (listed in ingredients as sugar, cane sugar, sucrose, glucose, maltose, dextrose, etc), is carcinogenic. Eaten regularly it causes cancer.

Keeping that idea in mind, check out the ingredients of all common packaged foods in the supermarket. Most of them contain sugar. Why? Food with sugar in it has no health warnings, and no one ever comes on the TV and tells people that the ever increasing rates of obesity and cancer have anything to do with sugar….

Does refined sugar cause cancer? – Yes, as certainly as cigarette smoking does. And it’s even more addictive. That’s been known since the 1930’s. So why don’t most people know by now? Part of the reason is that sugar, like most refined carbs, is very cheap to produce, and the people who profit from this also have friends in high places. Like the FDA.

So even an example as basic as sugar quickly highlights a corrupt tie in between food producers, soft drink manufacturers, the advertising industry, political funding, the diet industry, the medical industry, the media, the FDA, the Heart Foundation, the Cancer Society, the government, and so on.

Your computer is spying on you

It’s very likely your computer is spying on you one way or another. Microsoft is a large part of the surveillance operation – and that may in part explain why Windows 10 is so appalling.

There is more than just data mining going on here, and Microsoft software like Windows 10 is not just a result of total incompetence – they have other agendas in mind, and it’s safe to say that increasing the productivity of any of the poor saps using it, is not the main objective.

In general “they” are not using it to read the average person’s emails, but to detect large scale trends such as movements in banking and share trading – but if necessary they certainly can read your email as well.

Facebook, like Google, is data mining on a huge scale. Google is definitely collecting your data too, along with Microsoft and Apple as well… yes they are all spying on you.

This may not always be such a big deal – most of the data they trawl though is mind numbingly boring and irrelevant. But what they are able to do is to build up a giant feedback loop, and use it to shape mainstream beliefs, often working with the media to develop effective propaganda.

The “moon landings” were fakes

It's hard to believe that there are still people who haven't woken up to the falseness of this moronic story by 2023, and it's an understatement to say there is very good evidence that the moon landings were faked in a film studio. Nobody has ever landed on the moon, and probably never will.

In countries that are not under the spell of the US media, this is fairly widely known, even at mainstream level. It's true that some of the online information saying the moon landings were fake is full of holes, but that is because US Government agencies have put out a bunch of fake sites supposedly exposing the moon landing in a desperate attempt to create more confusion about this otherwise very obvious fake news event.

Amalgam Fillings are toxic

The amalgam (mercury) fillings once so loved by dentists are still causing cancer, and just about every other disease. Admitting that would be very expensive, so no-one is going to be admitting to anything.

Vaccinations are a giant scam

The injections refereed to as "vaccines" are really just injections of lethal toxins designed to create diseases, but are promoted as a way to prevent the effects of fictional "viruses" which have never even been proven to exist.

They have caused countless deaths and widespread diseases including "Spanish Flu" and "Covid". But for some reason, doctors are not routinely required to report either deaths following vaccination, complications following vaccination, or even if and when people contract the illness against which they have been vaccinated.

The Autism Vaccine Link is a well proven fact

Autism is triggered by the failure to eliminate heavy metals – what heavy metals? – the mercury in vaccines for starters, and the mercury inherited from the parents amalgam fillings too – yes, there is more to it than this, but ignoring the basics is not a good start.

There are many other side effects of vaccination, this is huge subject, and pro-vaccine people get very angry, and very inaccurate about this subject when it is discussed. I have a page on this subject.

For anyone who has swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker, here is a list of 26 studies from around the world that support Dr. Wakefield’s findings that vaccinations cause autism:

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Software is all available free

Software is readily available free – all programs, either legally (Linux), or “illegally” (bootlegs of Microsoft 7 etc, are readily available on torrent sites) – so there is no excuse for paying money to scumbags like Microsoft. The need for constant “updates” is a total con job.

Even if you are in a position where you have to comply with “copyright laws”, you could use Linux. And Libre Office (which runs on Windows as well as Linux) is in many ways better than Microsoft Office if you really have to run a fully legit Windows PC.

America helped put Hitler in power

There are a number of cover ups involving America around WWII: foreknowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour (the first 911), the funding of the Nazi party in the 30’s by American businesses such as Ford, and the supply of US made goods to Germany by US companies such as Coca Cola (Fanta) and IBM during the war

 Immediately after WWII America rapidly adopted several Nazi developed technologies including including water fluoridation and many of the CIA mind control techniques. It appears that "The Nazis" were not imprisoned in Germany after WW2 but actually moved to America and set up the CIA amongst other things. Investigation into any of these areas opens up a big can of worms!

America is no democracy

George W Bush did not actually win power by election, as the vote count was illegally tampered with, even back then. The US vote counting system is completely corrupt, (even more so now than when the Bush puppet masters first rigged it) and the US is certainly not a democracy.

The elections are a puppet show, designed to divide and distract a gullible public, while continuously placing corrupt but low level puppets in place to continue a NWO/zionist/rothschild agenda

Paper money is almost worthless

In 2016 The current value of a US dollar was down to around seven cents. It is significantly lower now. Paper and electronic cash are both con jobs – real money is gold or silver bullion – the paper stuff is a collective fantasy that only works so long as the masses don’t find out what it’s real value is.

Wikipedia is a vast propaganda and misinformation website

Wikipedia gives some very accurate and detailed information, if for example you are looking for the history and specifications of Toyota Corollas, but if on the other hand, you use it to research pretty much any "conspiracy", it’s safe to say you will find nothing but complete bollocks.

For example:

“Natural News is a website for the sale of various dietary supplements, promotion of alternative medicine, controversial nutrition and health claims, and various conspiracy theories, such as “chemtrails“, chemophobic claims (including the purported dangers of fluoride in drinking water, anti-perspirants, laundry detergent, monosodium glutamate, and aspartame), and purported health problems caused by allegedly “toxic” ingredients in vaccines, including the now-discredited link to autism.

It has also spread conspiracy theories about the purported adverse effects of genetically modified crops, as well as the farming practices associated with and foods derived from them. The site’s founder, Michael Allen “Mike” Adams, has described vaccines as medical child abuse”

Yes, Mike Adam’s is probably a shill but those claims are all spot on.

Atomic bombs are a complete con job – they don’t exist.

August 1945, Hiroshima, Japan – funny how the ruins look pretty much the same as Tokyo or Dresden…

The atomic bomb story falls apart as soon as it is investigated. All the old video footage is fake, and a quick look around online (not on Google though, because that search engine is less than forthcoming on this subject) rapidly has nukes looking about as real as moon landings.


The fake truther movement

I'm pretty certain David Icke is a gatekeeper shill, like Alex Jones and many other (if not most) popular figures in the truther movement.

By pushing agendas like "reptilian shape shifters" and UFO's they make "conspiracy theorists" look like nut jobs and discredits all the real conspiracy research.

UFO’s are are not being covered up, they are being created to put fear into the public and make them more accepting of a police state. 

Check the facts yourself

I think it’s always necessary to do your own research, unlike the retards who say “you can’t believe everything you read on the internet”, as if there is some other source of information which is all true (like “Time” magazine maybe).

Everything is just a hypothesis, including the nature of the reality we believe we live in. Different people inhabit very different realities.

I’m far from certain that an ability to see the holes in the stories that are served up to us is always a good thing – it doesn’t necessarily lead to increased happiness or more friends for starters. 

So be sure you are committed to finding the truth behind the appearances, because once you find out this stuff, you can’t unlearn or forget it. And a lot of people seem to be getting very angry about the way their deeply held beliefs are falling down around their ankles.