Saturday 11 May 2024


Transitioning from normie to conspiracy theorist


When asked what started me off down the conspiracy rabbit hole I struggle to know where to begin. Like most people who were aware that most of what we are being told is a giant work of fiction well before the covidhoax, it wasn't one specific event, but a gradual series of penny dropping moments that took me to the point I'm at now of believing that pretty much everything in both the mainstream and it's supposed antithesis, the truther movement, is at least half fake.

Even that may be overlooking the fact that to some extent I seem to have always been a a bit of conspiracy theorist and was possibly born that way. I certainly had issues with school and authority figures from a very young age, and was fairly up to speed with vaccines being a scam by the time I was 14 and refused to have one. Unfortunately I had already received about five jabs in total up until the age of 10 that I wish I could also have avoided.

It's a mystery to me why some people are so resistant to learning that everything they have been told is a lie. I'm drawn to finding out that sort of stuff like a duck to water, and while my initial reaction to anything new tends to be skeptical, I can usually be found online trying to to dig up more information about it within hours.

In the 90's I was co-owner of a cycle shop, which was the perfect business for an ex cycle courier and bike mechanic who was obsessed with bike racing. My first trip into a rabbit hole was finding out just how much drug use there was in cycle racing.

Even at a local level, racing cyclists were always looking for anything that could give them an advantage, and in Wellington at that time the trendy performance enhancer was the stimulant ephedrine. Not quite EPO level doping but it actually is pretty grunty stuff.

I only tried using ephedrine once and felt superhuman for a few hours before having a physical meltdown and feeling ill for weeks. It certainly wasn't for me, but I learned a couple of things from that experiment. 

A person on the right drugs is going to annihilate any clean competition, and if even local amateur riders in New Zealand were on the juice, then there was no way most of the pro riders in Europe would be riding clean. But for me the side effects were nasty, and it got me wondering about alternative natural supplements.

My next step down the rabbit hole was getting an internet connection and a decent computer in 1997. But by then I was completely burned out from all the cycling and overworking I'd done and by 1998 I was having increasingly frequent headaches and dizzy spells, as well as being constantly exhausted.

So I ended up spending more and more time on the computer researching things on the internet. Although that was over 25 years ago, back then there was already a lot of really interesting stuff online and in some ways the underground information was easier to find then than it is now. 


There is even a theory that the entire internet is being gradually replaced by AI and while I wouldn't go as far as to say that process is complete just yet, certainly a look at the hits or the comments on YouTube, or the history of traffic on my old blog, indicates that since around 2016 the entire internet has become increasingly fake.

These days a lot of good underground information does still remain, and some of the old sites I was reading in the 90's are still online, with some even looking exactly the same. Whale is a good example. But while it's hard to remove information from the internet, it's easy to bury it, especially using AI, and now a lot of the most revealing information has been buried under 20 years of globalist misinformation.

The combination of searching for information about performance drugs and natural alternatives, along with researching health and diet led to me finding out more about the corrupt medical system. 

There was a huge doping scandal in the 1998 Tour de France called the Festina Affair which blew doping in pro cycling wide open and seemed to lead me ever further down a bunch of rabbit holes.

By the time Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France in 1999 I was up to speed and knew that he only won due to his better use of doping programs, rather than because he was a better rider. But even so it still took several years for it to dawn on me that his story of having survived cancer was fake as well.

Oddly the other thing that really caught my attention back then was reading an article in 1999 about the Oklahoma bombing which had taken place in 1995. That was the first time I'd seen a false flag event exposed, and the penny really dropped. It was like a scene from  "They Live" and from that point on I had a pair of the special sunglasses.

And that's what I mean about things coming together - when the Oklahoma bombing had taken place just four years earlier I had accepted the official story like nearly everyone else. In 1995 I was a "normie", but by 1999 I was a "conspiracy theorist". And it was learning about that particular deep state false flag that enabled me to later see the 911 false flag for what it was within a day of it happening.

I didn't always get the full extent of the deceptions straight away though. In 1999 a movie called The Matrix came out, and I remember seeing it at the cinema for the first time, and watching it enthralled, thinking it was a brilliant analogy that was exposing the deep state, because at that point I had no idea that it was yet another trick. I still think it's a great movie, but it took me nearly 20 years to even begin to understand how they were playing us "truthers" with that movie.

 The follow up Matrix movies seemed to try and undermine many of the insights from the original movie, and the Wachowski "brothers" later both transitioned and also went on to reveal many of their their true colours with the deviant TV series Sense8.

But to me all of this stuff was only like watching a movie and it didn't really get personal until 2002. At that point I finally had an MRI scan done and found why I had headaches and was going deaf in one ear, starting to lose the sight in one eye, and had no balance at all if I closed my eyes. It turned out I had a 3.4cm benign brain tumour.

At that point it became clear to me that the doctors I'd been seeing really had no idea what they were doing, because it took them nearly three years to stop saying I had ear infection and get an MRI booked. I found out years later that even after seeing the scans, the specialists had misdiagnosed the tumour, calling it an acoustic neuroma, which it wasn't.

After seeing the scans, the specialist doctors then told me if I didn't have brain surgery immediately I'd be dead within six months. But it all worked out for the best really because by that stage I not only had no faith in the medical system, I had come to actively mistrust it, so I told those doctors where to stick their treatment options without hesitation, which probably saved my life. 

In 2019, so 17 years on, I had another MRI scan done which showed that not only had the tumour not grown, it had reduced slightly to 3cm, so essentially it's a nearly golf ball sized lump that has been sitting in the middle of the brain for about 1/4 of a century. Even so, at that point specialists told me again that I needed surgery urgently. So while I had learned a lot, they were still stuck on the same page.

Having the incentive of needing to find out how to stop the growth of a brain tumour was the kick start I really needed to start properly going down more rabbit holes, starting with researching diet & nutrition which lead me to the Weston A Price Foundation and the Raw Milk Movement.

It also led to learning more about natural therapies and supplements, and when many of these things were hard to obtain in New Zealand, to setting up a supplement business called Nature Foods, and also starting a local WAPF chapter

Two years after finding out I had a brain tumour I met a woman who had been diagnosed with a very similar tumour around the same time as me. She did what she was told and had the surgery, and to be honest she was so messed up from the surgery that I was horrified. At what point would you rather be dead than another medical victim in the clutches of the sickness industry?

The medical system is one of the worst conspiracies of the lot, and I think we all need to be ready to stand strong against them, because when push comes to shove they will use the "you will die if you don't do what we say" tactic every time. 

They always use fear as a psychological weapon, as they later did with the covid hoax, and when you are at your weakest they circle like vultures. That realisation around 20 years ago was probably the point when I first understood that I was totally into the rabbit hole. Show no fear and the vultures will back off.