Monday 13 May 2024



Here are the next 10 conspiracy rabbit holes I want to learn more about

The Wellness Company 

Just who are TWC really sponsoring and how much sway do they hold over all the many pod-casters and influencers who are promoting their products online?

Amazing Polly 

What is really going on with Amazing Polly, AKA Sherri Nelson, and does her husband really work for Calian a Canadian based deep state contractor and misinformation specialist? Are the couple playing both sides? 

Since the scandal with the Wellness Company broke, Calian have updated their website to present themselves as being focused on healthcare rather than government and military contracts, and Sherri Nelson has stopped doing podcasts and become an online art teacher. What are they all up to?

The AI internet

What is the extent of the use of AI on the internet, and is the entire internet now being shaped by AI content?

FUDPORN is shaping reality by generating fear

The deep state is clearly attempting to use fear to bring about their desired outcomes. How much of the "truther" movement is actually a bunch of shills selectively revealing some half truths in order to generate more fear.

Is anyone in the truther movement genuine?

Clearly most are not, but they are not all as obviously fake as Alex Jones. Miles Mathis is one researcher who has some really interesting content. But he is still probably fake. There are layer upon layer of "play both sides" psyops currently in motion. Are there any legitimate sources of information?

Are cryptos another scam?

Bitcoin was probably originally set up to be a globalist currency but does that mean all cryptos will play out that way? Can digital technologies like cryptos be used for good? If Blackrock own most cryptos and are manipulating the prices both up and down, are they also planning to crash the entire crypto market as well as the fiat currencies?

COVID phase two

Not a new variation of the imaginary "virus" but a ramping up the "died suddenly" FUDPORN in order to create fear in all the people who have already been jabbed, and trigger a placebo effect where more injected people die due to their ever growing fear of what toxins are now in their bodies


 GEOENGINEERING and the next step of the evil plan

The "global warming" hoax has been pushed hard to advance agendas like electric cars and smart cities. How many layers are there to this deception? - for example, do they fully intend that "green technologies"(like electric cars) will be a total failure and create a further infrastructure melt down? How are they manipulating the weather globally using chemtrails and geoengineering machines, and can we effectively expose and even undo their plans?


Free energy

What is really going on with Tesla's (the real Tesla, not the fake electric car and space rocket company) repressed technologies? Is nuclear power as fake as nuclear bombs, and what really powers nuclear submarines and nuclear power stations? 

How to use mind power and universal energy

They are using negative mental energy at every opportunity - social media, movies, FUDPORN, both sides of the media, divide and conquer. Are there ways to use this time of accelerated change to expose all the lies, in order to destroy the "new world order" and bring about a better future?